Modular: Create Complex Dashboards and CRUD Apps with laravel with Ease.

Modular: Create Complex Dashboards and CRUD Apps with laravel with Ease.

What is Modular for Laravel?

Modular for Laravel is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify the process of starting a new web application.

It helps developers address common yet crucial tasks such as scalable architecture, robust access control, intuitive admin panel creation, responsive design, unified UI toolkit, effortless frontend-backend integration, optimized build management, reusable components, thorough testing frameworks, comprehensive activity log, and clear architectural vision.

These tasks can often demand significant time and attention and can become increasingly complex as the project develops.

What is VILT Stack?

The VILT Stack (Vue, Inertia, Laravel, Tailwind) is a powerful combination of technologies used in Modular, providing a robust foundation for building web applications. The stack delivers a seamless developer experience, allowing developers to focus on their application's core functionalities.

The VILT Stack is incredibly flexible, accommodating simple CRUD applications as well as complex UIs with enhanced interactivity and client-side heavy business logic. This makes it a reliable choice for both small, straightforward apps and large, complex projects.


  • Scalable Architecture: Structuring your application in a way that scales seamlessly with growth.
  • Robust Access Control: Crafting a granular ACL (Access Control List) to manage users and roles proficiently.
  • Intuitive Admin Panel: Either customizing a ready-made or developing a bespoke Admin Panel to streamline your application's construction.
  • Responsive Design: Ensuring your Admin Panel is mobile-friendly and responsive across devices.
  • Unified UI Toolkit: Adopting or developing a UI Toolkit to fast-track frontend development while maintaining a coherent design across pages.
  • Effortless Frontend-Backend Integration: Bridging your frontend and backend intuitively, ensuring a maintainable and straightforward connection.
  • Optimized Build Management: Harnessing the right toolset and stack to manage your frontend application's build steps efficiently.
  • Reusable Components: Abstracting common functionalities and components for reuse (embrace DRY - Don't Repeat Yourself), such as data search, pagination, flash messages, and more.
  • Thorough Testing Frameworks: Implementing testing frameworks to validate your application's functionality.
  • Comprehensive Activity Log: Keeping a detailed log to audit user operations.
  • Clear Architectural Vision: Maintaining a lucid mental model of the project's architectural decisions, promoting consistency and a solid understanding of how all elements interlink.
  • Developer-friendly documentation


MIT License

Resources & Downloads

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