Monitor Crypto in Real-time Directly from your Terminal

Monitor Crypto in Real-time Directly from your Terminal

The Real-time Crypto Currency Monitor is a command-line dashboard designed to provide real-time cryptocurrency data. It leverages ncurses and the Binance API to fetch all the required information.

The Binance API allows for up to 1200 request weight per minute, making it possible to develop powerful tools like this dashboard.

Currently, the monitor can be linked to your personal Binance portfolio using your API key and secret key. This feature enables it to display your current portfolio cryptos and an overview of the total value in USDT.

It is written primary in C++ and can be easily build and installed on Linux, Windows and macOS. However, it is tested only on Linux.

To select a currency to monitor, all you have to do is click F1.


  • Animated graphs
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Easy to configure
  • Extremely lightweight


Clone this repository like so,

git clone

Once inside the root project folder crypto_monitor,

# Lets start by creating the build directory
mkdir build && cd build

# If you dont want to enable any Binance wallet
# then just run
cmake ..

# If you want to enable your binance wallet and 
#you have input your API details (key and secret)
cmake .. -DWALLET=true

# Finally
source will run the final installation that will create a terminal shortcut named cryptomonitor.


The app is released under the GPL-3.0 License

Resources and Downloads

GitHub - edghyhdz/crypto_monitor: Real time crypto monitoring tool
Real time crypto monitoring tool. Contribute to edghyhdz/crypto_monitor development by creating an account on GitHub.

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