MoonMail, Your Self-hosted Bulk Email Marketing Tool for Professionals

MoonMail, Your Self-hosted Bulk Email Marketing Tool for Professionals

What is MoonMail?

MoonMail is a highly efficient and user-friendly email marketing platform that empowers businesses of all sizes to effortlessly send personalized and engaging emails to their valuable subscribers. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, MoonMail enables businesses to create and deliver highly targeted email campaigns that resonate with their audience, resulting in increased customer engagement, brand awareness, and ultimately, higher conversion rates.

By leveraging the power of MoonMail, businesses can establish strong and lasting connections with their subscribers, driving long-term customer loyalty and maximizing their email marketing efforts.

Some benefits of using MoonMail include:

  • Improved engagement and conversion rates through targeted and personalized email campaigns
  • Time savings and increased efficiency with automation features
  • Detailed insights and analytics to track the performance of email campaigns

MoonMail also has a vibrant community of users and provides resources such as tutorials, documentation, and a support forum for users to connect and learn from each other.


MoonMail offers a wide range of features, providing users with a comprehensive set of tools to enhance their email marketing campaigns. These features include:

  • Creation and management of email campaigns, allowing users to design and customize their emails to suit their needs.
  • Efficient subscriber management and segmentation, enabling users to organize their email lists and target specific groups of subscribers.
  • Automation and scheduling of email campaigns, allowing users to set up automated emails and schedule them to be sent at specific times.
  • Detailed email analytics and reporting, providing users with valuable insights into the performance of their email campaigns and the engagement of their subscribers.
  • The ability to create and store recipients in lists, ensuring that users can easily manage and organize their recipient data.
  • Easy compilation and sending of email campaigns, allowing users to quickly and efficiently send out their emails to their desired recipients.
  • Tracking of opened emails and clicked links within an email, giving users valuable information about the engagement and interaction of their subscribers.
  • Convenient creation, editing, and deletion of campaigns, providing users with flexibility and control over their email marketing efforts.
  • Enhanced recipient fields with additional values such as gender and country, powered by Liquid, a powerful templating language.
  • The ability to update the recipient status with options including Unsubscribed, Bounced, Complaint-Spam, and Suppression-list, giving users the ability to manage and track the status of their subscribers.
  • Efficient list filtering by segments, enabling users to target specific groups of subscribers based on various criteria.
  • A user-friendly and intuitive UI powered by React, making it easy for users to navigate and send out their email campaigns.
  • The ability to apply Liquid syntax within the campaigns, allowing users to personalize and customize their emails with dynamic content.
  • A public API that allows users to interact with the SAAS version of the software, offering seamless integration and automation possibilities.

With these extensive features, users can take their email marketing efforts to the next level and achieve greater success in reaching their target audience.


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2015-2017 microapps S.L., /

MoonMail and the MoonMail logo are trademarks of microapps sl. Any 
use of the same should be authorized by microapps sl. 
Please contact [email protected]

Resources and Download

GitHub - MoonMail/MoonMail: Email marketing platform for bulk emailing via Amazon SES (Google Cloud Platform and Azure coming soon)
Email marketing platform for bulk emailing via Amazon SES (Google Cloud Platform and Azure coming soon) - GitHub - MoonMail/MoonMail: Email marketing platform for bulk emailing via Amazon SES (Goog…
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Written by Hazem Abbas

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