Mosint is an OSINT tool to Uncover, Analyze, and Extract Emails with Ease

Mosint is an OSINT tool to Uncover, Analyze, and Extract Emails with Ease

Mosint is a powerful and versatile automated email OSINT tool written in Go programming language. With its advanced functionality and robust features, Mosint enables users to conduct thorough investigations on target emails with utmost ease and efficiency.

By leveraging its integration with multiple services, Mosint offers security researchers access to a vast array of valuable information, empowering them to gather critical insights and make informed decisions in a prompt and effective manner. Whether it's uncovering hidden connections, analyzing email patterns, or extracting relevant metadata, Mosint is a valuable asset for any investigative task.


  • Fast and simple email-based scanning, providing efficient and convenient scanning of emails.
  • Optimized for ease of use and lightweight on resources, ensuring smooth performance without burdening your system.
  • Email verification and validation, ensuring the authenticity and validity of email addresses.
  • Checking Social Media Accounts, allowing you to gather information from various social media platforms.
  • Checking data breaches and password leaks, providing security by alerting you if your email has been compromised.
  • Finding related emails and domains, helping you discover connections and associations between different email addresses and domains.
  • Scanning pastebin dumps, expanding the scope of the scan to include pastebin dumps for comprehensive results.
  • Google Search integration, enabling you to perform quick searches directly from the scanning tool.
  • DNS/IP Lookup functionality, providing additional information and insights about the email's associated domain or IP address.
  • Output to JSON file, allowing you to easily save and analyze the scan results in a structured format.
  • Install easily using Docker and Docker Compose.


  • MIT License


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