MrDoc is a web-based document management system DMS

MrDoc is a free, open-source DMS (Document Management System) that does not require extensive hardware resources and can run from anywhere.

It offers two versions; an open-source edition which licensed under the GPLv3 License, and a professional commercial version with more enterprise-focused features.

MrDoc is a feature-rich system that has dozens of features, but keep in mind it is built to organize and manage online text documents.

Although MrDoc is a web-based self-hosted system, it has desktop ports, mobile app, and browser extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Use cases

  1. Tutorial portal
  2. Team library
  3. Knowledge base manager
  4. Products manuals and documentation
  5. Software documentation tool


  • Self-hosted with a lightweight resources' requirement
  • User-friendly responsive interface
  • Multi-users support
  • Built-in full text search to search through the document content and the metadata
  • Informative dashboard
  • It supports written text document
  • Allows users to edit documents using a built-in Markdown and a WYSIWYG editors
  • Features a must and best read section
  • Permissions: supports authority control
  • Import and export to several document formats
  • Supports multiple terminals out-of-the-box
  • Deploy to anywhere
  • Works offline on your computer without the need to setup it on a server
  • Comes with automatic update manager
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Exports to PDF and ePUB files
  • Supports versioning
  • Support site configuration registration invitation code, advertising code, statistics code, email retrieval password, site wide close registration, site wide forced login and other management functions;
  • Document writing and reading are based on the Project, with five modules, namely project, document, document template, image and attachment;

Tech Stack

MrDoc is written using Django the popular Python web development framework.

Install MrDoc

The primary requirement to install MrDoc is to have Git and Python in your system

git clone

cd MrDoc 

pip install -r requirements.txt

python migrate

python createsuperuser

python runserver


Mrdoc provides "open source version" based on GPLv3 protocol and "professional version" of commercial license.


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