My Brain: An Open-source Feature-rich Note, Tasks, and Event Manager for Android

Open-source, All-in-one productivity app for Tasks, Notes, Calendar, Diary and Bookmarks.

My Brain: An Open-source Feature-rich Note, Tasks, and Event Manager for Android
Photo by Matt Ragland / Unsplash

My Brain is an amazing new free personal organizer app that aims to replace many bloated apps with ads and commercially paid ones.

My Brain is built to help you manage their private information such as notes, journals, bookmarks, calendar, and tasks.  

It comes with a fancy user-friendly interface, that offers a quick shortcuts for all its functionalities, and spaces.

The project is the brain child of Mohamed Shaaban, an Android developer from Mansoura, Egypt.


  • Private with no data collection and no internet permission at all.
  • Create tasks with priority, sub-tasks, description and due date and reminders.
  • Create Notes that supports markdown which enables you to use Headers, lists, links etc.
  • Record your mood daily and view your mood summary with beautiful graphs.
  • Save bookmarks for later by using the share menu from any other app.
  • View your calendar events in a modern view and also with a beautiful home screen widget.
  • Dashboard screen to see your tasks, calendar events, and more to see your day at a glance.


  • 100% Kotlin.
  • Made Using Jetpack Compose.
  • Widgets made with Compose Glance.
  • Following Clean Architecture approach.
  • Following MVVM Architectural Design Pattern.


The app is released under GNU General Public License v3.0 only.


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