Ongoing Issue with Accessing Netlify Accounts: Dashboard Error

Ongoing Issue with Accessing Netlify Accounts: Dashboard Error

It appears that there is an ongoing issue with accessing Netlify accounts, as reported by numerous users.

Users have been unable to load the dashboard or even reach the login page for several days. The cause of this bug is currently unknown and requires further investigation to determine why only certain users are experiencing this issue.

I am hopeful that the Netlify team will be able to promptly address and resolve this issue, ensuring a smooth and seamless user experience.


Infinite Loading Logo on Dashboard
Hello Netlify support, I’m currently experiencing an issue on the Netlify dashboard where the loading logo is continuously showing and the page does not load properly. I have attached a screenshot of the logs to help diagnose the issue. This has been going on for some time and is preventing me from accessing important information on my account. Steps taken so far: I have tried refreshing the page multiple times I have cleared my browser cache and cookies I have tried accessing the dashboard…

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