Neutron: A Libre Mail server for Proton Webmail client

Neutron is a self-hosted IMAP and SMTP mail server for ProtonMail client.

ProtonMail is an open-source  webmail client distributed and licensed under GNU "General Public License" version 3.

Neutron Mail server features:

  1. IMAP support: reads and stores all messages on server.
  2. SMTP support: sending messages.
  3. File system to store  contact, settings and private keys on desk.
  4. A temporary memory to wipe out and destroy all data as the server restarts or stops.
  5. Docker installation support

Because the system is modular, it can be used to create new backends, scale and manage different scenarios.

Neutron mail server has packages for Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora. It is an easy system to configure, install and use.

Tech stack

  1. Go programming language


The system is distributed and published under MIT license.


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