Next Generation Programming: Free NoCode Cross-Platform Programming System

Next Generation Programming: Free NoCode Cross-Platform Programming System
Photo by Boitumelo Phetla / Unsplash

"Next Generation Programming - Programming Without Coding Software" is a drag-drop wizard for creating simple or complex applications without writing any programming language code.

The project started by Mesut aydeğer; a software engineer from Ankara/ Turkey.

The Software is coded/designed with "Java Programming Language" for novice/expert programmers;
Programmers can write pieces of software with visual tools : drag-drop components;visual editors.

Programmers can use the software to compose of simple/complex applications : Database programs, circuit design, generate code and upload to chip for designed circuits (ESP8266, ESP32 chips)



  • %100 Java Coding
  • Drag-Drop Web Tools for Phone, Web Applications
  • Drag-Drop Components(JButton, JDate ...)
  • Drag-Drop Chip Components(SCADA) like ESP8266 chip, Sensors, Leds...
  • Drag-Drop Text Editor Components like PDF, txt, spreadSheets ...
  • Drag-Drop Web Components (Http, web servis ...)
  • Upload Generated Code To ESP8266, ESP32 Chips Automatically without any installation
  • SCADA Support (HTTP Protocol like arduino, ESP chips)
  • NLP : Natural Language Processing For SQL Compose
  • ESP8266, ESP32 Chip Programmer Support
  • It is runnable in 32/64 bit "Windows Operating System"
  • Developing IDE : "Eclipse IDE"
  • Automatic Setup : "MYSQL database", "database editor", "java", "example programs"
  • Multi Language : English, Turkish
  • Integrated with JasperReport
  • XML based System : Menu, Client Screen Settings...
  • Visual Tools : SQL Composer With Natural Language, Visibility Trees, Visual Code Writing Tool/Tree, ...
  • Source Code Reading / Writing Editor
  • Menu Designer for Last Users
  • JSON, XML supports
  • Example Project with Installation
  • GCC Compiler for C++ Programming Language Has Been Used in Arduino Chips.
  • AT Commands for Chips and Some HTML Tags for Text Formatting.


  1. Windows
  2. Linux
  3. macOS


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  2. Website

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