Build a Next.js React Apps with MongoDB in Mins

Build a Next.js React Apps with MongoDB in Mins

What is Next.js?

Next.js is a free open-source React framework for building a web applications. It allows developers to generate start website or use server-side rendering to create a highly scalable sites.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a NoSQL document database, that is fast, and works without having to deal with so much DB table or schema setup. It supports indexing, replication, and aggregation.

Next.js + MongoDB, How to?

To combine both powers, here we found you a great boilerplate open-source project that allows developers of all levels to create a Next.js and MongoDB app, with dozens of production-ready functions, which saves them a great deal of time, effort, and bugs.

Simply, it is a Next.js and MongoDB web application, designed with simplicity for learning and real-world applicability in mind.


  • Fast and light without bulky, slow Express.js.
  • Full API Routes implementation and đź‘» Serverless ready
  • Good ol' Middleware pattern, compatible with Express ecosystem, powered by next-connect
  • KISS: No fancy stuff like GraphQL, SASS, Redux, etc. ✍️ Come with explanatory blog posts
  • Can be adapted to any databases besides MongoDB (Just update api-lib/db)
  • Posts and comments
  • User profiles
  • Rich Authentication and Account management
  • Session-based authentication using Passport.js
  • Sign up/Log in/Sign out API
  • Authentication via email/password
  • Authentication via OAuth (Google, Facebook, etc.)
  • Email verification
  • Password change
  • Password reset via email
  • Profile picture, username, name, bio, email
  • Update user profile
  • Files and images upload
  • Developer-friendly documentation
  • Full guide on how to install, configure, run and deploy.


The project is released under the MIT License


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