Save Your Mega Bookmark Collection With Nextcloud

Save Your Mega Bookmark Collection With Nextcloud

Nextcloud is a free self-hosted open source collaborative cloud platform, that helps you back up, and sync your files, notes, calendars and more. By default, it supports multiple user and user groups which makes it an ideal solution for families, gaming groups, companies to collaborate and share their files among members.

Moreover, it has a vast rich ecosystem of extensions that extends its functionalities, which can transform it to anything.  It is also supported by a strong community of users and developers, who keep it fresh and secure.

But that is not all, Nextcloud can save your large bookmarking collection that you have in your web browser with its amazing bookmark extension.

Nextcloud can be installed easily on a minimal droplet in DigitalOcean in less than a min, and it will cost you few bucks a month. It will keep your data secure, private, and aids you in keeping a remote backup.

The Nextcloud bookmark extension allows you to back up, and organize your bookmarks on the server.

It also has a dozen of supportive tools for Android, browser extensions, desktop app clients and iOS app, that helps you manage your bookmarks directly and sync/ backup them between the device and your Nextcloud server install.

Basically, The Nextcloud bookmark extension provides you with a web interface for collecting and organizing bookmarks to the places on the web that are precious to you.


  • 📂 Sort bookmarks into folders
  • 🏷 Add tags and personal notes
  • 🔍 Full-text search for all of your bookmarks
  • 📲 Synchronize with all your browsers and devices
  • 👪 Share bookmarks with other users and publicly
  • ☠ Find broken links
  • ⚛ Generate RSS feeds of your collections
  • 📔 Read archived versions of your links in case they are depublished
  • 💬 Create new bookmarks directly from within Nextcloud Talk
  • 💼 Built-in Dashboard widgets for frequent and recent links

Third-party clients and apps



  • Owncloud Bookmarks - Bookmarks extension for Chromium-based browsers (Chromium/Chrome/Opera/Vivaldi)
  • Floccus - Bookmark sync as Browser extension for Firefox/Chromium-based browsers, Android & iOS Apps
  • FreedomMarks - Addon for Firefox and Chrome. No sync, just a client.
  • add-nextcloud-bookmarks - qutebrowser userscript that allows for easy bookmark creation





This software is licensed under the terms of the AGPL written by the Free Software Foundation and available at COPYING.


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