NormCap: Extract Any Text from Your Screen

NormCap: Extract Any Text from Your Screen

NormCap is a free open-source OCR and screen-capture tool that extract data from any part of your screen.

Under the hood, NormCap uses Tesseract; the open-source OCR engine that supports dozens of languages by default and used in many enterprise apps.

NormCap is written with Python and works for Windows, Linux and macOS.


  1. Lightweight app
  2. Works on Windows, Linux, and macOS
  3. Available for Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Arch Linux
  4. Supports multiple monitors
  5. Supports dozens of languages
  6. Works directly from the system tray.
  7. Heuristic parsing: useful for emails
  8. Includes raw capture mode and parse mode (default)
  9. Supports single, multiline text and complex paragraphs
  10. Supports emails and URLs by default