Notabase is your open-source reliable personal knowledge base

A personal knowledge base for networked thinking.

What is Notabse?

Notabase is a free open-source note-taking and a Markdown editor for users who take regular notes and require a high level of organization.

It lets you connect knowledge and form ideas by linking notes together. These links allow you to traverse your notes like webpages and find connections that you never would have thought of otherwise. Think of it as a personal Wikipedia for your brain that you can edit and browse as you like. As you add more notes, it gets more powerful!

Note the project is under active development, so expect more features in the near future.

What can you build with Notabase?

  1. Personal knowledge base
  2. Note-taking
  3. Documentation writing
  4. Project management
  5. Write manuals, guides, and help documentations
  6. Write daily journals
  7. Organize your thoughts and ideas
  8. Summarize your knowledge, readings and keep track of what you are learning


  • Comes with a clutter-free interface
  • Tree-view file browser
  • Split-pane view
  • It supports tasks managements and to-do lists
  • Page stacking: Browse your notes with page stacking
  • Offers a WYSIWYG editor with markdown support makes it easy to read and edit notes
  • Linked/unlinked references: let you see other notes that reference a specific note
  • One click on the internal links to open the connected note
  • Seamless page animation and transition
  • Smooth scroll
  • Organize your notes with internal links, tags, hashtags, and nested notes
  • It can be installed as a Progressive Web App (PWA) for faster loading and offline viewing
  • Sync Your notes are to the cloud and can be accessed on any device
  • Use the graph view to analyze your knowledge graph
  • It comes with a Full-text search lets you easily find relevant notes
  • Use block references to embed a block of text from another note, which auto-updates when the original block changes
  • User can Import or export notes at any time
  • Open source with community involvement and transparent development
  • Export your notes in several formats
  • Completely self-hosted system which you can download, and install on your own server
  • Install easily with Docker


The project is released under the AGPL-3.0 license.


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