Nylo: MVC Framework for Flutter

Nylo: MVC Framework for Flutter

Nylo is a micro-framework for Flutter which is designed to help simplify developing apps. Every project provides a simple boilerplate and MVC pattern to help you build apps easier.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a powerful strong CLI tool (Metro CLI tool)
  • Minimal configuration
  • Simple and complex routing
  • Secure storage
  • Simple and effortless API networking
  • Theming and styling
  • Easy page setup and navigation
  • Built-in route guards
  • Advanced rote data, and query parameters
  • Auth page
  • Page transition
  • Multiple navigation types
  • Set theme colors, styles, base style, define themes, fonts and designs
  • Text extensions

Metro CLI tool

Nylo provides a CLI tool called Metro. It's been built, so you can run commands in the terminal to create things. With Metro, you can create the following in your project:

  • Models
  • Controllers
  • Pages
  • Stateful widgets and stateless widgets
  • Events
  • Providers
  • API Services
  • Themes
  • Route Guards


  • MIT License


Nylo - Powerful Flutter Micro-Framework | Nylo
Nylo is an open-source micro-framework for Flutter that makes building apps a breeze. It provides all the basic building blocks to create a modern application.
GitHub - nylo-core/nylo: Nylo project for Flutter developers
Nylo project for Flutter developers. Contribute to nylo-core/nylo development by creating an account on GitHub.

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