Discover OhMyForm: Your Tool for Stunning, Effective Forms, and Open-source Alternative to Google Forms

Generate Unlimited Forms and Surveys easily with this open-source app OhMyForm

Discover OhMyForm: Your Tool for Stunning, Effective Forms, and Open-source Alternative to Google Forms

If you're in the market for a tool that allows you to create beautiful, functional forms in seconds, look no further than OhMyForm. Whether you're recruiting, conducting market research, or creating surveys, OhMyForm has you covered.

OhMyForm is more than just a form builder and Generator. It's a comprehensive platform with tons of built-in features to help you run, administer, analyze, and distribute forms, all for free. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to create stunning embeddable forms that meet your needs.

But the true power of OhMyForm lies in its commitment to open source software. Vetted by top programming experts from around the globe, OhMyForm is continually improving. This commitment to open-source not only ensures that the code is top-notch, but it also helps eliminate potential bugs and errors.

One of the best things about OhMyForm is the freedom it gives you. There's no installation fee, no monthly charges - it's 100% open source. You can host it yourself, giving you complete control over your data and privacy.

In short, if you're looking for a form builder that combines aesthetics, functionality, and freedom, you'll find it in OhMyForm.

Ideal Self-hosted Alternative for commercial services

OhMyForm is a free and open-source alternative for the following services, which you can easily self-hosted and customize, unlike the commercial services:

  1. Google Forms: Unlike Google Forms, OhMyForm offers a commitment to open-source code, ensuring continuous improvement. Also, it provides complete control over data and privacy by letting you host the tool yourself.
  2. SurveyMonkey: OhMyForm is different as it's fully free with no installation or monthly fees. Unlike SurveyMonkey, it allows full customization of forms and is entirely open-source.
  3. TypeForm: While TypeForm has aesthetic forms, OhMyForm also combines functionality and freedom, offering a comprehensive platform for running, administering, analyzing, and distributing forms.
  4. Formstack: OhMyForm stands out as it's open source, giving you freedom and control over your data and privacy, unlike Formstack.


  • Multi-Language Support: Allows forms to be created in various languages.
  • Versatile Question Types: Provides up to 11 different question types for diverse data gathering.
  • Editable Start and End Pages: Offers customization of the introductory and closing pages of your forms.
  • Data Export Capabilities: Enables submissions to be exported to XLS, JSON, or CSV formats for easy analysis.
  • Analytics Support: Includes built-in analytics as well as Google Analytics support for in-depth insights.
  • Embeddable Forms & Forms as a Service API: Allows forms to be embedded into websites and provides an API for service integration.
  • Customizable Notifications & Web Hooks: Sends tailored alerts upon form submission and supports web hooks for real-time data delivery.
  • Deployment Options: Can be deployed using Heroku and DockerHub for flexible hosting options.

Incoming Features

  • Custom Subdomains for each User: This feature will provide a more personalized experience and enhance the professional look of the forms.
  • Add Custom Background and Dropdown Field Images: This change will allow more customization, enabling users to align the form's look and feel with their brand.
  • Add File Upload Form Field: This will enable users to collect more diverse data, such as documents and images, directly through the form.
  • Add plugin/3rd party integration support (aka Slack): This will increase efficiency by enabling direct notifications to a team's communication channel.
  • Add Typeform API integration: This will allow users to seamlessly integrate with Typeform, providing more flexibility and options in form creation.
  • Create wiki for easy installation and setup: This will make the tool more user-friendly, providing clear instructions for setup and use.
  • Implement encryption for all form data: This will enhance data security, ensuring that sensitive information collected through forms is protected.
  • Add Stripe/Payment Form field: This will enable users to collect payments directly through the form, simplifying transactions.


AGPL-3.0 License

Resources & Downloads

GitHub - ohmyform/ohmyform: ✏️ Free open source alternative to TypeForm, TellForm, or Google Forms ⛺
✏️ Free open source alternative to TypeForm, TellForm, or Google Forms ⛺ - ohmyform/ohmyform
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