Ontime is a Self-hosted Event Management Application for Teams

Ontime is a Self-hosted Event Management Application for Teams

Ontime is an innovative application designed to facilitate the creation and efficient management of event running orders and timers. With Ontime, users can easily input a comprehensive list of events, including scheduling and event information, to ensure seamless execution.

Once the event details are entered, Ontime generates a series of screens that can be accessed and rendered on any device connected to the network. This groundbreaking feature allows for a hassle-free and cost-effective distribution of event information throughout the venue, eliminating the need for expensive video outputs.

By utilizing a network infrastructure, Ontime revolutionizes the way events are organized and communicated, providing a simple yet powerful solution for event management.

Key Features

  • ✓ MultiplatformAvailable for Windows / MacOS, Linux. You can also self host with the docker image
  • ✓ In any deviceOntime is available in the local network to any device with a browser, eg: tablets, mobile phones, laptops, signage, media servers...
  • ✓ Made for teamsOntime caters to different roles in your production team: directors, operators, backstage and front of house signage...
  • ✓ Delay workflowsManage and communicate runtime delays in real-time to your team
  • ✓ AutomatableOntime can be fully or partially controlled by an operator, or run standalone with the system clock
  • ✓ Focus on integrationsUse one of the APIs provided (OSC, HTTP, Websocket) or the available Companion module to integrate into your workflow (disguise, Qlab, OBS)

Other Features

  •  Distribute data over network and render it in the browser
  •  Different screen types
    • Stage Timer
    • Minimal Timer
    • Clock
    • Backstage Info
    • Public Info
    • Studio Clock
    • Countdown
    • Make your own?
  •  Configurable Lower Thirds
  •  Collaborative editing with the cuesheet view
  •  Send live messages to different screen types
  •  Differentiate between backstage and public data
  •  Workflow for managing delays
  •  Rich protocol integrations for Control and Feedback
    • OSC (Open Sound Control)
    • HTTP
    • WebSockets
  •  Roll mode: run standalone using the system clock
  •  Headless run: run server in a separate machine, configure from a browser locally
  •  Countdown to anything!: have a countdown to any scheduled event
  •  Multi-platform (available on Windows, MacOS and Linux)
  •  Companion integration

How to use?

Once installed and running, Ontime starts a background server that is the heart of all processes. From the app, you can add / edit your running order and control the timer playback.

Any device with a browser in the same network can choose one of the supported views to render the available data. This is done by reaching the ontime server at the default port 4001 eg: localhost:4001 or
You can then use the menu in the top left corner to select the desired view. The menu will be initially hidden until there is mouse interaction.

In the case of unattended machines or automation, it is possible to use different URL to recall individual views and extend view settings using the URL aliases feature.

Supported platforms

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Docker


This project is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL v3

Resources & Downloads

GitHub - cpvalente/ontime: Free, open-source time keeping for live events
Free, open-source time keeping for live events. Contribute to cpvalente/ontime development by creating an account on GitHub.
Ontime - Free Open Source Software for managing stage timers and event rundown.
Free Open Source Software for managing stage timers and event rundown.

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