Are you looking for open-source survey management solutions? Here we have collected the best free open-source survey tools that you can download, install and setup on your own server.

Let's start talking about surveys, and then we will show you 10  open sources that will help you to manage your survey, collect data without having to worry about vendor lock-in or data lose.

Because of the emergence of surveys that contain a lot of information, we have many solutions to manage surveys, analyze and deal with them to take the whole benefit from it.

These open sources improve the referendum process and make full use of the questionnaire by assisting in the managing, making the right decision, making the researcher away from bias due to accurate statistics and reports, saves the time and effort required for the analysis process, and it helps predict what customers will do based on the survey.

10 Open-source Survey creation and collection Tools

1- LimeSurvey


LimeSurvey is an online survey tool, free and open-source. It helps you find information about people and their interests. Also, LimeSurvey is available for anyone to install, download and use.

Using LimeSurvey is the right affordable solution for customers, students, market researchers, and universities.

LimeSurvey has advanced features such as branching and multiple question types. This project is licensed under the GPL 2.0 and written in PHP, JavaScript, and it recommended MariaDB or MySQL databases.


2- SurveryProject


The SurveryProject it's an ideal tool for commercial use. It is a free Web application to collect data online and it's used to create, publish and administer questionnaires, webforms, and surveys online. It also supports and facilitates the development and distribution of the free web app.

SurveryProject is built with HTML and uses Microsoft Sqlserver as a database backend. It authorized creating and design surveys, questionnaires, web forms, or data entry forms online. It also supports multi-languages.

With SurveryProject, users can collect, gather, or capture data or information through the web. It is used by small and large companies, private individuals, (scientific) research, non-profit and commercial use it's an ideal tool.


3- ngSurvery


ngSurvery is an Angular application for surveys. This is a complete Survey Software solution that focuses on creating flexible forms to collect data, user engagements, enriching the commenting experience, and integration with third-party solutions and services.

The system features data encryption, multi-language surveys, Number of surveys, survey questions, White-label surveys, Offline data collection, and more.

ngSurvery was generated with Angular CLI written in TypeScript language and released under MIT licensed.

ngSurvery has a commercial version with some advanced features.


4- Maian Survey

Maian Survey

Maian Survey is built with PHP, and it is a free, self-hosted, and lightweight survey system for anyone wanting to get information from their site visitors. It's easy to install and use, but requires some development skills to make it work. It also supports PHP5.6+ and PHP7.

Maian Survey released under the Creative Commons License.

Download and install instruction:

5- JD eSurvery

JD eSurvery

JD eSurvery is an open-source enterprise survey web application with easy-to-use interfaces to design, collect, and analyze survey data. You can choose from a wide variety of question types to create survey forms.

JD eSurvery can give you pretty good features like flexible validation, branching and skipping logic, randomizing pages, questions, piping of previous answers, embed, bulk send survey email invitations to targeted groups and track email invitations unique survey inside your websites, and more.

JD eSurvery written in Java and based on the Spring Framework. It is released as an open-source project under AGPL-3.0 license.


6- SurveyJS Analytics

SurveyJS Analytics

SurveyJS Analytics allows rendering survey results as charts or tables. It's built with TypeScript. This library is distributed under a commercial license.

It features, Count answers, and render results as charts for the select type questions, it also has three different types of charts: bar, pie, and line, and it also has a Flexible layout, customizable colors, and more.

It may not be that features-rich like the others in this list because it doesn't support objects as values (e.g., of dropdown, radio group, and other select question items).


7- Formr survey framework

Formr survey framework

If you want to chain simple surveys into long runs, use the power of R to generate pretty feedback and complex designs, Formr is a pretty software-free, open-source. Formr was made by Ruben C. Arslan and Cyril S. Tata and written in PHP language.

It features that it has live feedback, reminders, invitations, responsive layout, share, and remix, it can only connect via an SSL-encrypted connection.


8- is an enterprise-class combined form and API data management platform that is open-source for the developer who is building their complex form-based business process applications. It's built for enterprise and uses NodeJS and MongoDB as database backend. features include advanced form builder, data management, user management, and authorization, it has offline forms, dynamic forms for Angular, JavaScript, and React, and more.


9- ThunderSurvey

ThunderSurvey is another open-source online survey tool based on Ruby on Rails and MongoDB and is licensed under GPLv2.

Its tiny small embedded JavaScript library is about 12kb and works safely on almost all known web browsers, especially mobile browsers.


10- Open Foris Collect

Open Foris Collect

Yet another good easy and flexible survey design and data management, Open Foris Collect is the main entry point for data collected in field-based inventories. It provides a fast, easy, flexible way to set up a survey with a user-friendly interface.

Commenting option with rich features, Open Foris Collect is user-friendliness, Rapid Data Entry, Highly Configurable, Multiple data types, Multi-user or standalone, Controlled QA workflow, Rich metadata, Multilingual, Multiple data export/import formats

Open Foris Collect is built with Java and JavaScript and licensed under MIT license.


11- Formbricks

Formbricks specializes in in-product micro-surveys. You can pre-segment your user base and display the surveys at any point in the user journey of your website or app. It's powerful and user-friendly:

  • Use extensive library of survey templates or create a survey (lots of question types)
  • Display them in digital products (apps/website) or share via link
  • Sync data based on unique user IDs with other tools (product analytics, CRM, etc.) to get the most out of your insights
  • Collect user attributes to pre-segment your user base

Formbricks has a generous always-free plan for the open-source community and self-hosting is very easy with Docker!


We have seen in this list many good open-source survey tools. Which one of them to choose depends on what type of features or scenarios your work is going to need.
If you have any other recommendations for this list or comments in general, we’d love to hear them below!