OpenClinic GA: 500+ worldwide hospital Implementation with ~500 weekly downloads

OpenClinic GA: 500+ worldwide hospital Implementation with ~500 weekly downloads

OpenClinic GA is an open-source hospital information management system (HIMS) which covers all aspects of running small and medium-sized hospitals.

The project started back 2010 as a hospital information system by a group of developers, doctors and experienced hospital managers.

It's built as a cross-platform, self-hosted and on-premise system for low-resources hospitals.

For weeks OpenClinic GA is getting hundreds of download hits at This week it gets ~700 downloads so far. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to measure the community and how many users does it have.

The web user interface for OpenClinic GA is working seamlessly on all popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. However, the user-interface certainly require more work to fit for smaller screens and resolutions.

The table layout may look an old-school design especially in 2020/ 2021 but it does the job.

We do like OpenClinic GA because it's ready for telemedicine with full WebRTC support and packed with many medical standard to ensure better clinical outcome.

OpenClinic GA login screen with finger-print login


OpenClinic in action (src. OpenClinic GA)
  1. Clinical workflow management
  2. Patient records management system
  3. Doctors management
  4. OR management
  5. Scheduling system
  6. Employee management
  7. Beds and in-patient management
  8. Human resource management
  9. Mobile support for Android devices
  10. Full DICOM integration
  11. HL7/FHIR API for structured data exchange
  12. Statistics
  13. Snomed CT coding
  14. Integrated RIMS (Radiology Information Management System)
  15. ADT management
  16. File exchange
  17. Assent manager with full support for images and multimedia files (video/ audio)
  18. WebRTC module for telecommunication and video conference
  19. Integrates RxNorm based multi-lingual drug-drug interaction detection (interfaced to National Library of Medicine)
  20. Pharmacy stock management
  21. Fingerprint identification support using Digital Persona library
  22. Multi-lingual support

Developers note

The system is built using Java, JavaScript and supports multiple database backend like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and JDBC.

Commercial support

Video presentation about OpenClinic GA (French)

For such a large open-source project with hundreds of hospital installations across the world, it's important to have commercial support for hospitals. There is a commercially supported edition by company in Belgium and commercial support from certain companies in Rwanda, Burundi and Mali.


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