openIMIS: Open-source Health Financing Package

openIMIS: Open-source Health Financing Package

openIMIS is an open-source healthcare finance package that is developed and maintained by active community of developers and packed by several world leading class organization.

The main goal of it is to provide an efficient healthcare finance system as an alternative for the commercial solutions which usually come with a high cost.

openIMIS journey started back in 2012, since then, it has been evolving ever since and proven resource and cost-effective in low resources environment and countries. It currently runs in many healthcare facilities in Tanzania, Chad, Nepal, DRC and Cameroon.

openIMIS governance structure 

The development is managed by a governance structure of developers and manager to ensure the project continuity and build a large community around it.

Contribution is open for developers, organization or as a service company (implementation partner).

openIMIS in action (src: openIMIS)


  1. Healthcare facilities management
  2. Plans management
  3. Claims generation
  4. Claims management
  5. Claims processing
  6. Data and process monitoring
  7. Reports and analytics
  8. Funding management
  9. Policy renewals
  10. Medical services management
  11. User management
  12. Reviews management
  13. Batch runs
  14. Medical items manager
  15. Prices management
  16. Email notification
  17. Backup manager
  18. Feedbacks from clients
  19. Digital beneficiary management and verification
  20. Automated claims submission
  21. Organization management


openIMIS is released and distributed under GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL-3)


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