OpenREM - Free Radiation Exposure Monitoring for the Physicist

OpenREM - Free Radiation Exposure Monitoring for the Physicist
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OpenREM is a robust, cost-free, and open-source software application specifically designed for the critical task of patient dose monitoring.

This sophisticated tool provides a comprehensive suite of functionalities for efficient data gathering and optimization of radiation exposure, thereby supporting the goal of minimizing patient risk while ensuring effective medical imaging.

Key Features

One of the key features of OpenREM is its capability to seamlessly import data from a wide range of imaging modalities, a versatility that makes it a valuable asset in diverse clinical settings. Once the data is imported, OpenREM presents summary exposure data in an easily comprehensible format, enabling healthcare providers to quickly assess the level of radiation exposure.

Charts and Visualization

Moreover, OpenREM offers visually intuitive charts for data exploration. These graphical representations provide an instant visual snapshot of exposure levels, thus facilitating insightful data analysis and informed decision-making.

Skin Dose Maps

A standout feature of OpenREM is its ability to generate skin dose maps for fluoroscopy. This feature allows for a detailed view of the radiation exposure across the patient's skin, thereby aiding in the identification of areas that may be at risk of excessive radiation exposure.

Export your Data

In addition to these features, OpenREM also boasts data export capabilities. This allows for the easy sharing and further analysis of data, enhancing the overall utility of the software.

Patient Privacy First

OpenREM prioritizes patient privacy. By default, patient identifiable data is not retained in the system. However, in situations where this data might be necessary, OpenREM can store it in a hashed format, conditioned upon the appropriate permissions being granted.

This ensures the security and confidentiality of sensitive patient information, reinforcing the trust between patients and healthcare providers.

Web Interface

OpenREM provides a web interface for display of the studies that have been imported into the database, allowing easy review of the latest data. It also has a filtering function to enable any subset of the studies to be reviewed.

Each of the modalities has charts suitable for that modality optionally plotted within the web interface.


  • Importing of CT, planar X-ray, fluoroscopy, and mammography data
  • Displaying summary exposure data, with filtering and searching
  • Charts to visualise and explore the data, including mean and median dose metrics, histograms, workload data and more
  • Skin dose maps for fluoroscopy using a simple geometric phantom
  • Export of data into spreadsheets, sorted and summarised
  • Patient privacy prioritization, with optional hashed storage of patient identifiable data


  • Python



Code and download

Welcome to OpenREM’s documentation! — OpenREM 0.10.0 documentation
OpenREM - Radiation Exposure Monitoring for the physicist

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