Use Raspberry Pi as a VoIP Door-Intercom

Use Raspberry Pi as a VoIP Door-Intercom
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The DoorPi project aims to provide a solution for controlling a door intercom system through the use of a single-board computer such as the Raspberry Pi and the VoIP communication protocol. This is an innovative and efficient method that can greatly enhance the security of a home or office.

One of the key elements of the DoorPi project is its event-action based system. This system has various components that are responsible for triggering events and responding to them. For instance, when someone presses a doorbell or an RFID chip is held up, these events trigger actions such as calling a specific phone number, sending an email or opening a door.

The DoorPi project supports a wide range of actions to cater to different user needs. Some of these actions include starting a VoIP call to a specified number, starting a VoIP call to a number that is read from a file, ending a call, sending an email, running a program, switching output, writing a status file, as well as reading or writing back values from IP-Symcon.

DoorPi is an event-action based system. There are components which fire events, and components which react on these events. That means that events like "Doorbell pressed" or "RFID chip xyz detected" shall be the trigger for actions like "call telephne xyz", "send email to xyz" or "open door".


For registering these events, so-called "DoorPi-Keyboards" are used, e.g

  • GPIO pins
  • a PiFace
  • files in the filesystem of the PI (e.g. for remote commands via SSH)
  • the serial port (e.g. with an RDM6300 as NFC reader)
  • web service with authentification
  • VOIP phone


A non-complete list of actions is:

  • VOIP call to a predefined number
  • VOIP call to a number which is read from a file
  • end call
  • send email
  • execute program
  • set an output pin
  • write a status file
  • read values from IP-Symcon or write them back

Via the combination of events and actions, almost all combinations are possible.

To every event, any number of actions can be attached, which are executed synchronously or asynchronously.

Overall, the DoorPi project is an innovative solution that provides an efficient and effective way to control a door intercom system. It offers a wide range of features and actions that cater to different user needs, making it a highly customizable solution for enhancing security in homes and offices.


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