openTimetool: Streamlining Project Time Tracking for Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

openTimetool: Streamlining Project Time Tracking for Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency
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openTimetool is a highly versatile and user-friendly web-based application designed specifically for project time tracking. It caters to a wide range of service provision companies, including agencies, IT support firms, publishing houses, editorial offices, consultancy firms, training companies, and even freelance workers.

With openTimetool, you can effortlessly track and manage your projects, ensuring optimal productivity and efficiency. Whether you're working on a personal computer, notebook, or even a mobile device like a standard cellphone or smartphone, openTimetool is accessible via any current HTML browser. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of openTimetool for all your project time tracking needs.


  • Web-based, sector-independent project time tracking
  • Time tracking module for mobile devices (standard cellphones and smartphones)
  • User management (admin, project manager, team member)
  • User-defined tasks and reports
  • Export to pdf, csv and individual open office templates
  • Industry-independent, central web-based project time recording
  • Ideal for your time recording in the home office, at the customer's site, simply anywhere...!
  • Easy creation of timesheets and performance records at the push of a button< /span>
  • Also suitable for use as a simple presence check (coming/going)
  • Many evaluation options according to employees and/or projects over any period of time.
  • Simple and intuitive operation with PCs, notebooks and tablets via standard web browsers
  • Mobile project time recording with cell phones, PDAs and smartphones
  • Also works with all mobile networks


GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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Download openTimetool for free. web-based time tracker. openTimetool is a web-based, sector-independent project time tracking software for service provision companies such as agencies and IT support firms, publishing houses and editorial offices, consultancy firms, training companies and freelance workers. openTimetool can be used with personal computers and notebooks as well as with mobile devices like standard cellphones and smartphones via current HTML browser.
Projektzeiterfassung - Einfach und schnell Projektzeiten erfassen - openTimetool | Online Projektzeiterfassung - Abeitszeiten und Projektzeiten einfach erfassen und auswerten. Komfortable Lösung für Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks und PCs

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