What is OpenTracks?

OpenTracks is a free, and open-source app that helps people track their sport activities without having to worry about their privacy.

Unlike many apps, It comes without any ads, or malicious trackers or scripts, even without in-app purchase, as all features are open.

OpenTracks Features

  1. Native and user-friendly interface
  2. It has charts and graphs to follow your progress
  3. It comes with a live stats support
  4. The OpenTracks app does not require any internet permissions.
  5. It makes a use of all of your smartphone sensors
  6. It offers a built-in support for offline and online maps
  7. Altitude gain and loss: via barometric sensor.
  8. Altitude shown in EGM2008 (above mean sea level); exported as WGS84.
  9. Supports Bluetooth LE sensors: heart rate, speed and distance (cycling), cadence (cycling), and power meter (cycling).
  10. Dark and light theme, respecting system settings.
  11. With the OpenTracks application you can export data as KMZ, KML, or GPX.
  12. It features a built-in voice announcements.
  13. Comes with a dark theme support
  14. Bluetooth LE sensor: collect your data like heart rate
  15. Translated to several languages

Bluetooth LE sensors:

  1. heart rate
  2. cycling: speed and distance
  3. cycling: cadence
  4. cycling: power meter
  5. running: speed and cadence
  6. support for BLE sensor training only (i.e., without GPS) for indoor training

What does OpenTracks looks like


OpenTracks :

  • do not contain any in-app analytics
  • do not use Google Play Services
  • have no cloud integration

Download and Install Open-Tracks

The OpenTracks app is available for download from the F-Droid application store. However, if you want to build it from source, you can download the source code and compile it yourself from GitHub.


OpenTracks is released and published under the Apache 2.0 License.


  1. F-Droid
  2. Websote
  3. Source Code