Top 10 Open Source Affiliate Management, Marketing Programs For 2021

Affiliate Marketing

On this article, I'm going to show you 10 open source different affiliate platforms that you can consider promoting if you're looking to make money with affiliate marketing.

The affiliate is the person that is the connector between the enterprise and the consumer.

Basically, the affiliate is the middle person between the company and consumers. They work independently as an affiliate, so he has no boss he's basically they are a boss because he has no boss.

Affiliate it's simple to find consumers and here's the key who are interested in the company's product then affiliate will tell

Then about the product, he then asks if they've purchased the product and so on....

The consumer made a purchase they're happy with, the company has a new customer.

What is affiliate management system?

It is a system that managing affiliate to promote the growth of brands and business.

Top 10 Open Source Affiliate Management Software

1- Affiliate PRO script

Affiliate PRO script

Affiliate PRO is a PHP affiliate software, powerful tool used to drive your ecommerce, it aims to make marketer and blog owner partner with SEO to sell their products, build a professional network of webmasters selling your products, goods, membership subscription, or services.

It's comes with many enterprise features like open source, a variety of commission models, build a matrix of affiliates of your choice, It supports most major shopping cars, including PayPal, Shopify, and WooCommerce, and more.

Unlike other Affiliate software, Affiliate PRO comes with attractive features such as Commission options, reports about Transactions, Recurring sales, Traffic, Payouts, Affiliate earnings, and more.

It takes no time to set up and run with minimal configuration

2- Elitius


Elitius is a Free and Open-Source affiliate system for developers, built on top of PHP.  

It has the power of functionality of paid script, easy installation and management, customizable, and expendability.

Elitius offers complete installation manual with detailed instructions, complete administration panel operations, smarty template system, No setup fee or monthly charges, excellent Support, lifetime FREE support and upgrades, reliable tracking system, and more.

It requires PHP 4.3.0 or above, MySQL 4.0 or above, Unix/Linux/Windows Hosting, Apache 1.3 or above (mod_rewrite required), Around 10Mb Storage Space.

3- OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate is a features-rich affiliate marketing system for influencers, brand owners and enterprise. It comes with all traditional affiliate features with an easy-to-use interface that used to build your online business to drive more traffic and sales.

OSI Affiliate offers a useful set of features and benefits to help increase traffic and sales. The features include: social media sharing, promo code tracking, use your own domain, influencer directory, multi-tier support, built-in promotional resources that will help you to grow your affiliate program, and more.

4- peerclick


peerclick is an open-source affiliate tracking software with  lightweight features-rich affiliate system for companies and individuals.

peerclick is an easy choice for brand owners and companies because it has easy theming system, quick set up, block bots, with it, you can automate your work, scale easily, generates real-time reports in under 2s.

Beyond its rich features set, It has an Anti-Fraud protection, has the fastest redirect, direct tracking pixel, traffic distribution AI, collaboration tools, custom conversion tracking, traffic source and affiliate network templates, reporting API, and more.

5- Ambassador


Ambassador is an open-source, powerful referral software for enterprise that help you to achieve success.

With Ambassador, you can identify, enroll, track, reward, manage  customers, affiliates, influencers, employees, and partners.

This software is enabled with a fully-loaded suite of features included omnichannel capabilities, eCommerce integrations, custom rewards, onboarding support, multiple campaigns, email and CRM integrations, cash payouts, designated success coach, refer-a-friend programs, billing integrations, gift cards, support phone  online, partner programs, open REST API, and more.

6- post affiliate pro

post affiliate pro

Post affiliate pro is an affiliate marketing tracking software built with PHP to increase sales, and grow your business with the right plan.

Post affiliate pro is basically come for managing multiple affiliate programs, track him, and assign all the issues in one platform.

Because it comes with a rich of features it voted as number one most reviewed affiliate marketing software, it has most option to create great partner program.

The features include : it is easy to use, free, has a special banner rotator, it used for offline or online marketing, HTML Banners that allows you to customize the look of your banners, it supports online users report and more.

7- Affiliate pro

Affiliate pro

Affiliate pro is a free open-source PHP affiliates management system focused on promote your online business products, service.

Affiliate pro helps you to have many modules such as market tool to integrate with any site or store, membership to charge your affiliates, ecommerce to sell your products, SaaS, MLM, wallet manager, live payouts, registration API, newsletter, and more.

8- Offershub


Offershub is a free marketing software for your affiliates network, online advertiser, market companies, agencies, e-commerce companies, media buyers, and more.

If you want complete partner management solutions, smart tracking links, smart integrations, Real-time reporting, robust APIs, Well, Offershub is your answer.

9- Wecantrack


Wecantrack is a lightweight marketing software that let you add all your affiliate data in one place. It can collect your conversion data via APIs, post backs, scrapes, google sheet files and manual CSV imports.

Wecantrack integration with more than 200 affiliate networks, efficient retargeting, campaign automation, website automation, custom data attribution.

By integration your traffic and conversion data in BigQuery, you will be able to access the data directly from the dataset.

10- TUNE


TUNE is a simple yet partner marketing platform for companies. It is work across mobile and web use, it has all the tool to build better relationships.

there features come include: scalability, advanced automation, real time data streaming, it supports industry leading, fully customizable SaaS platform, has a robust suite of optimization and reporting features.


If you have any other recommendations for this list or comments in general, we would love to hear them below!

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