Social media can be a time suck and overwhelming. Luckily, there are lots of social media tools and apps that will help make your life a little easier.

Creating and managing social media takes time and creating great social media content while making sure that your content delivers the highest ROI takes even more time, but the good news is with the right tools you can save a bunch of time create an epic piece of content in minutes and ultimately making your life as a social media manager much easier.

In this article, we are going to share with you our favorite open source, social media tools for brands that will help you get a big result and look like a rock star to your boss.

Top 12 Open-source social media management tools

1- boarders

The first platform for successful multiple Facebook account management

f-boardpro is a multiple Facebook account management platform trusted by businesses, agencies, and individuals to help you to log in to multiple Facebook accounts from your iOS or Android device.

f-boardpro has special features include: you can schedule a post by selecting an image with a caption text and scheduling time and date. It is used for publishing, engagement, and team collaboration.

This platform is user-friendly, timely, easy, and more. It has a full installation guide for android and iOS devices. It is written with Java and Objective-C languages.

  1. Multi accounts manager
  2. Home feeds
  3. Comments view
  4. It has a section for people who liked
  5. Pages feed
  6. With it, you can see your friends list
  7. You can see the profile timeline post
  8. Open source


2- TwtBoard

First amazing Twitter management solution


TwtBoard is a social media management tool built specifically for Twitter marketing, management, and analytics. On top of most features that social media management tools provide, It allows you to manage all your Twitter accounts for free, it makes their users do regular activities like viewing profiles, sending and receiving tweets, retweets, and more.

TwtBoard has some impressive integrations such as tools to organize their friend’s tweets, Twitter fans could handle as many tweets received from friends.

It is available on the web, desktop, and mobiles(Android and iOS). It is written in C# language.


  1. Follower Management
  2. Tweet Management
  3. Unfollowers Management
  4. Account Actions
  5. Retweet and Favorite
  6. Campaign Manager
  7. Tweet Creator
  8. Open-source


3- tinfoleak

The most intelligent analysis tool on Twitter

tinfoleak is more than a Twitter management tool; it is a powerful analysis twitter tool that automates the extraction of information on Twitter and facilitates subsequent analysis. It analyzes the Twitter timeline to extract great volumes of data.

tinfoleakis great for researchers who want to organize, analyze the data and extract the whole benefits from it.

It can extract the account information, user activity, protected accounts, user relations, hashtags, mentions, likes, and more.

It is licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0 License and written in python and HTML.


  1. Automate the extraction of information
  2. Facilitates subsequent analysis for the generation of intelligence
  3. Taking a user identifier, geographic coordinates, or keywords
  4. It is included in several Linux Distributions
  5. Open source


4- Socioboard

Social publishing simplified

Socioboard is a social media management tool that focuses on content marketing and streamlines its social media operations. It aims to help brands and businesses to manage their social media, leading companies in their digital space to create plans and schedule their content.

It’s the most way to keep track of all of your social media interactions. It is written with Javascript, CSS, PHP and released under the ​​GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3.


  1. Managing multiple social accounts made easy
  2. Detailed analytics to make your stay ahead of the curve
  3. Simplified RSS feed
  4. Auto-Email reports
  5. Team Collaboration
  6. User-friendly
  7. Save time with flexible scheduling
  8. Manage multiple social accounts easily.
  9. It helps you to stay ahead with top-class analytics


5- Media Cloud

Best platform for studying media ecosystems
Media Cloud

Media Cloud is a media analysis platform that promises to bring you more leads with less effort. It offers three tools explorer, topic mapper, source manager for studying media ecosystems.

It is designed to aggregate, analyze, deliver and visualize information, answering complex quantitative and qualitative questions about the content of online media.

Media Cloud is used by Journalists to by tracking and examine the key topics published by specific sources, foundations, academics, and researchers by allows researchers to track how stories and ideas spread through media, content creators, and non-profit organizations.


  1. Open source
  2. The track news cycle in many countries
  3. Understanding trends in mainstream
  4. It used to strategically design their advocacy and communications efforts
  5. Investigate the impact of specific stories
  6. Access our raw data through the public API


6- Aggie


Aggie is a web application that wants to help social media marketers with three key jobs: reducing incoming data to find interesting information, monitoring events in real-time like elections or natural disasters, and trend visualization and search features.

Aggie can take data from Twitter, Crowd tangle (Facebook, Instagram), RSS, answers to survey questions.

It is released under MIT license and written with JavaScript.


  1. Efficient Data Exploration
  2. Incident Tracking
  3. Team Coordination
  4. Pull reports from Twitter, Facebook, SMS, RSS, and More
  5. Trend Monitoring
  6. Mapping
  7. It has full-text search or filter by tag, author, source, status, or date/time
  8. Flag reports
  9. Lightning fast
  10. Streaming interface

GitHub: ​​

7- Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS is an open-source social media management tool for small businesses and individual users, Later focuses mainly on Instagram (though you can also connect your Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter profiles).

The purpose of it is monitoring software for servers, applications, and networks.

It has two addition Community and  Enterprise and is definitely different; the open-source version is much more flexible from the enterprise one.

The source code is available under the GPL2 license, which allows you to extend and modify its functionality without restrictions.


  1. Flexible
  2. Highly scalable monitoring system
  3. Very high capacity (Thousands of devices)
  4. Agent monitoring (for all OS)
  5. GIS tracking and viewing
  6. Multiuser, several levels of ACL management.
  7. It uses agents (Linux, Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, and BSD systems)
  8. It can do both local and remote network monitoring
  9. Pandora FMS can quantify the state (right or wrong)
  10. It measures performances, compares values among different systems
  11. it can generate reports, statistics


8- Chaskiq

Handle conversations from multiple sources in one place

Messaging platform for sales and marketing teams for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twitter, Help scout, Pipedrive.

Chaskiq helps to scale the customer service abilities, receive data from trusted sites,

Automated bots, onboarding tours when they land on specific pages, Data enrichment and integrations, and more.


  1. open-source
  2. Web Chat
  3. video calls
  4. Onboarding tours
  5. one-off messages
  6. newsletter campaigns
  7. Schedule repetitive tasks with bot actions
  8. Social network channels integration
  9. Use a modern chat text editor
  10. Easily find leads and customers
  11. Multiple attributes for targeting
  12. Bring your own filters


9- Apphera

Reputation management and ranking management solution

Apphera has been adding new features over the years. It is an open-source Internet, social media monitoring, and social engagement platform. Besides covering the full range of activities, it also allows you to manage your Facebook, Twitter.

It is distributed under a dual license: an open-source license, and a commercial license, the source code under the AGPLv3 license.


  1. Tracking of online reviews
  2. Local and global competitor analysis
  3. Twitter data mining and engagement
  4. Keyword tracking for SEO purposes
  5. Server monitoring for uptime and site delivery speed
  6. Influencer identification
  7. Mapping of the competitive landscape
  8. Tracking of Foursquare activity
  9. protections and flexibility available


10- Medusa


Medusa is an end-to-end social media management tool that promises to bring you more leads with less effort. Its core functionalities allow its users to gather and analyze digital data from Social Media (Web, Dark Web, Forums, and Closed databases).

It is dealing with a large amount of data, it used Artificial Intelligence algorithms to reduce the time to analyze the data and take the benefits from it.

It supports public and private organizations.


  1. Data Collection
  2. Social Media and Automated Analytics
  3. Deep and Dark Web
  4. Relation Analysis
  5. Automatic Translation and Semantic Analysis
  6. Training
  7. Collect historical and real-time data
  8. Identify targets and trends
  9. It can highlight trends in real-time

Official website:

11- ScheduPic


ScheduPic is a social media management tool for Instagram. Apart from helping you schedule posts, It helps you to get shadowbanned, you can manage multiple accounts, and more.

ScheduPic wrote in Ruby language.


  1. support multiple Instagram account
  2. totally safe
  3. hashtags in caption
  4. aspect ratio check




SOCNETV abbreviation of the word Social Network Visualizer is a cross-platform software for social network analysis and visualization.  

It is free and open-source software released under the GPL-3.0 license, written with c++,  it can be installed on Linux, Windows, and macOS.


  1. Matrix routines
  2. Advanced measures for social network analysis
  3. Fast algorithms for community detection,
  4. Structural equivalence analysis
  5. Multinational network loading and editing.
  6. Comprehensive documentation,
  7. Built-in web crawler  to automatically create social networks
  8. Random network creation using various random network generation models
  9. Draw social networks in few clicks
  10. Layout models based either on prominence indices



Such services don’t have to cost huge amounts of money since open-source solutions are available. We reviewed 12 Free And Open-Source media management tools, which are all available for you to choose from.

If you have any other recommendations for this list or comments in general, we’d love to hear them below!