OSAEMR: Open source Anesthesia Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for Mac OS X & iOS (iPad)

OSAEMR: Open source Anesthesia Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for Mac OS X & iOS (iPad)

OSAEMR " Open Source Anesthesia Electronic Medical Record " is as its name suggests a domain-specific EMR for anesthesiologists. It was built by anesthesiologists in-practice as well with several years of experiences for each.

OSAEMR : src (osaemr.com)

OSAEMR is a specialty-specific electronic medical record, Its one of many EMR aiming to serve certain practice, as DataPall EMR:  a palliative care EMR, and EndoClinic EMR  Endocrinology-specific EMR.

OSAEMR is built using non-open source technology: FileMaker which is a commercial database development environment for Apple OSX and iOS. It's not the first EMR that uses FileMaker as there are several commercial EMR and medical patient practice based on FileMaker, and one very old EMR  released as an open source in the early 2000s ( Cottage Med ) as far as I remember.

OSAEMR may be built on an expensive property software (FileMaker), but it's developers released it as an open source.

Features of OSAEMR:

  • Simple clean user-interface
  • iPad compatible
  • Reporting
  • Multi-user support
  • Billing

Currently, OSAEMR is supporting iPad only, to download and install the application, the user has to submit his details to OSAEMR's Enrollment page to get the installation instructions through email.

Open source, but:

OSAEMR is an open source,  However, there is no enough details about the type of the license, but it seems to prohibit commercial use or sale of the solution unless it has been substantially modified. "

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