Harnessing the Power of Osmos::memo - A Browser Bookmark Manager with Full Github Backend

Turn Your Github into a Fully Functionally Bookmark Manager with this amazing Browser Extension: osmos::memo

Harnessing the Power of Osmos::memo - A Browser Bookmark Manager with Full Github Backend

osmos::memo, is a free and open-source browser bookmark manager optimized for speed, both in capturing and retrieving information.

Developers, freelancers, teams, and agencies all grapple with information overload. Osmos::memo is a game-changer, turning this challenge into an asset. With osmos::memo, you can effortlessly extract a page's title and URL into a concise markdown snippet. One click is all it takes to insert this snippet into your README.md file hosted on GitHub.

Tagging is a breeze with osmos::memo. You can create new tags or reuse previous ones for efficient organization. What's more, its instant search utility, leveraging the built-in "find on page" feature of browsers, ensures that you can locate your saved snippets in a flash.

The project is a part of the open-source project OsmosCraft. It includes exceptional productivity tools such as Fjord, an RSS reader, Tundra, a note-taking app for your browser, and Memo, a fast and efficient browser bookmarking manager.

A Host of Benefits Across Various Use Cases

For developers, osmos::memo is a handy tool for managing resources and references. Freelancers can utilize it to manage client work and resources effectively.

For teams and agencies, osmos::memo serves as a central repository, ensuring everyone is on the same page. It's also a godsend for researchers, who can use it to keep track of sources and citations.

Easy Installation and Usage

Osmos::memo is user-friendly, requiring little setup. All you need is a GitHub account, and you can install the application from the Chrome web store for use with Google Chrome. Once installed, you're ready to start harnessing the power of osmos::memo to manage your bookmarks efficiently.

In a world where information is power, osmos::memo gives you the edge in managing that power effectively. So why wait? Install osmos::memo today and experience a new level of bookmark management.

Supported browsers

Hence it is a Chrome based extension, it can also run on any compatible browser such as Chromium, Opera, Edge, Brave, Opera Neon, Vivaldi, CentBrowser, Torch and others.


The project is released as an open-source project under the MIT license

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