Osmos::Note is a self-hosted note-taking App

Osmos::Note is a self-hosted note-taking App

Osmos Note is a free and open-source web-based note-taking app. It is a self-hosted app that you can deploy and use it directly from any Git repository.

Osmos Note represents a cutting-edge solution for note-taking enthusiasts, offering its services entirely free of charge and with an open-source framework. As a web-based application, it allows users the convenience and accessibility of managing their notes directly through a browser, eliminating the need for dedicated desktop software.

The unique self-hosting capability of Osmos Note stands out, enabling individuals to deploy the application on their own servers. This feature is particularly advantageous for those with a preference for personal data control and customization. Furthermore, the app boasts seamless integration with Git repositories, allowing users to use it directly from any Git repository.

This integration not only simplifies the workflow for developers and professionals who already rely on Git for version control but also enhances the app's appeal by bridging the gap between note-taking and code management. Through this innovative approach, Osmos Note is redefining the landscape of digital note-taking by offering a versatile, secure, and user-friendly platform that caters to a wide range of needs and preferences.


  • Responsive user-interface
  • Clean distraction free design
  • Supports markdown
  • Retrieve knowledge as fast as you can type with zero-latency full-text search.
  • Make serendipitous discovery via backlink traversal.
  • Durable knowledge preservation with plaintext and Git backend.
  • Keyboard-centeric design for max efficiency.
  • Easy theming and customization with JavaScript and CSS (coming soon).
  • Easy to deploy using Docker.

Supported browsers

  • Chrome, Firefox are primary support targets.
  • Safari should work in theory. There is no guarantee.

Tech Stack

  • TypeScript


Not listed

Resources & Downloads

GitHub - osmoscraft/osmosnote: The knowledge IDE
The knowledge IDE. Contribute to osmoscraft/osmosnote development by creating an account on GitHub.
Simple tools that help you discover, ingest, organize, connect, generate, and share knowledge.
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Hazem Abbas

Written by Hazem Abbas

Medical Doctor by trade, but also a software developer. Linux Avid user. I write primary; open-source medical apps, dev tools and libraries I use, and off-topic like horse riding.
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