Padloc, The Open-source Password manager for teams and enterprises that works everywhere

What is Padloc?

Padloc is a dead-simple password manager app for users who want to get the job done without any distractions and clutter.

Padloc is a free, open-source solution but also offers a web service that helps the user to sync and store their passwords and keys in an encrypted web vault for a fee.

Users also can download and install the app on their machine and sync up to 50 passwords, credit cards info, and login credentials, with up to 2 connected devices.

However, the project itself is an open-source project that is licensed under GPL-3.0 License, which means you can install its component and run your server.

You can also use the hosted version, family, or team subscription which is not expensive.

Padloc project components

The project is formed of many components:

  1. Padloc Core: the web core that contains the app logic
  2. Padloc app: the web-based interface
  3. Padloc server the backend server
  4. Padloc PWA: A Progressive Web App client that is built on top of the Padloc app.
  5. Padloc Electron: An Electron-based desktop app for Padloc that runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  6. Padloc Cordova: The mobile app that uses Cordova to run on iOS, and Android.

Padloc's Features

  1. Padloc has a straightforward clean user-interface
  2. It has a nice bookmarking (favorite) tool, where users can access their favorites quickly
  3. It supports entry/ item attachments
  4. Record and save all of your passwords, credit cards, and login credentials
  5. Sync your data between different desktop and mobile devices
  6. Available for desktop, mobile, and as a browser
  7. Comes with a progressive web app (PWA) client
  8. Offers secure data vaults to save anything
  9. Users can share custom data vaults with other users like family members
  10. Has a built-in search and filtering functionality that can search thousands of secure encrypted records in no time.
  11. Allows importing and exporting data to CSV "Comma Separated Values"
  12. Allows the user to create custom vaults
  13. Users can create and manage organizations and teams
  14. Offers custom tags for entries that help classify and categorize items
  15. Has a built-in tag browser
  16. Autofill tags
  17. Users can add custom fields per item easily such as URLs, notes, usernames, nicknames
  18. It has a useful password generator tool that supports multiple languages and offers several options like a custom length, word separator, or even use a random string to generate the password.
  19. Attach Images and files up to 5 MB


Padloc is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.


Padloc project is released and distributed under GPL-v3.0 License.


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