Papercups is an incredible open source live customer support tool web application written in Elixir. It offers a highly convenient and user-friendly hosted version at


Here are some amazing features that Papercups has to offer:

  • Reply from email - You can efficiently answer support tickets via email using Papercups.
  • Reply from SMS - Forward Twilio conversations and easily respond to SMS requests from within Papercups.
  • Custom chat widget - Papercups provides a fully customizable chat widget that you can effortlessly embed on your website, enabling seamless communication with your valued customers.
  • React support - You can effortlessly integrate the Papercups chat widget as a React component or a simple HTML snippet.
  • React Native support - For your convenience, you can easily embed the Papercups chat widget in your React Native application.
  • Flutter support - Thanks to the amazing work of @aguilaair ❤️, you can seamlessly embed the Papercups chat widget in your Flutter application.
  • Slack integration - Connect Papercups with Slack to effortlessly view and reply to messages directly from a Slack channel. This integration streamlines your team's communication and support processes.
  • Mattermost integration - You can easily connect Papercups with Mattermost, allowing you to view and reply to messages directly from Mattermost, enhancing your team's efficiency and collaboration.
  • Markdown and emoji support - With Papercups, you have the freedom to express yourself using markdown and emoji, adding a personal touch to your messages!
  • Invite your team - Collaborate effectively by sending invite links to your teammates, inviting them to join your Papercups account. This ensures seamless teamwork and efficient customer support.
  • Conversation management - Papercups provides a robust conversation management system, allowing you to easily close, assign, and prioritize conversations. This enhances your team's productivity and ensures that no customer inquiry goes unanswered.
  • Built on Elixir - Papercups is built on the powerful Elixir programming language, resulting in an optimized system that is highly responsive, fault-tolerant, and capable of supporting real-time updates.


  • MIT License


GitHub - papercups-io/papercups: Open-source live customer chat
Open-source live customer chat. Contribute to papercups-io/papercups development by creating an account on GitHub.