Papercups is an open-source self-hosted live customer support tool web app written in Elixir language.

The project is currently is on stable state which can be used in production, however, it is also in maintenance mode, so don't expect new features in the near future.


  • Reply from email - use Papercups to answer support tickets via email
  • Reply from SMS - forward Twilio conversations and respond to SMS requests from Papercups
  • Custom chat widget - a customizable chat widget you can embed on your website to talk to your customers
  • React support - embed the chat widget as a React component, or a simple HTML snippet
  • React Native support - embed the chat widget in your React Native app
  • Flutter support - embed the chat widget in your Flutter app (courtesy of @aguilaair ❤️)
  • Slack integration - connect with Slack, so you can view and reply to messages directly from a Slack channel
  • Mattermost's integration - connect with Mattermost, so you can view and reply to messages directly from Mattermost
  • Markdown and emoji support - use markdown and emoji to add character to your messages!
  • Invite your team - send invite links to your teammates to join your account
  • Conversation management - close, assign, and prioritize conversations
  • Built on Elixir - optimized for responsiveness, fault-tolerance, and support for real-time updates
  • Developer-friendly code-base
  • Rich documentation


Papercups is released under the MIT License as an open-source project.


  2. Demo:
  3. Documentation: