Part-DB Is An Inventory Management For Electronic Components

Part-DB Is An Inventory Management For Electronic Components
Photo by Umberto / Unsplash

Part-DB is an Open-Source inventory management system for your electronic components. It is installed on a web server and so can be accessed with any browser without the need to install additional software.


  • Inventory management of your electronic parts. Each part can be assigned to a category, footprint, manufacturer, and multiple store locations and price information. Parts can be grouped using tags. You can associate various files like datasheets or pictures with the parts.
  • Multi-Language support (currently German, English, Russian, Japanese, and French (experimental))
  • Barcodes/Labels generator for parts and storage locations, scan barcodes via webcam using the builtin barcode scanner
  • User system with groups and detailed (fine granular) permissions. Two-factor authentication is supported (Google Authenticator and Webauthn/U2F keys) and can be enforced for groups. Password reset via email can be setuped.
  • Import/Export system (partial working)
  • Project managment: Create projects and assign parts to the bill of material (BOM), to show how often you could build this project and directly withdraw all components needed from DB
  • Event log: Track what changes happens to your inventory, track which user does what. Revert your parts to older versions.
  • Responsive design: You can use Part-DB on your PC, your tablet and your smartphone using the same interface.
  • MySQL and SQLite (experimental) supported as database backends
  • Support for rich text descriptions and comments in parts
  • Support for multiple currencies and automatic update of exchange rates supported
  • Powerful search and filter function, including parametric search (search for parts according to some specifications)


  • A web server (like Apache2 or nginx) that is capable of running Symfony 5, this includes a minimum PHP version of PHP 7.4
  • A MySQL (at least 5.7) /MariaDB (at least 10.2.2) database server if you do not want to use SQLite.
  • Shell access to your server is highly suggested!
  • For building the client side assets yarn and Node.js is needed.


Part-DB is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 (or at your opinion any later). This mostly means that you can use Part-DB for whatever you want (even use it commercially) as long as you publish the source code for every change you make under the AGPL, too.


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