PartKeepr: Free Open-source Inventory and Warehouse Management

PartKeepr is a free open-soure system for managing warehouse and multi-location inventory.

It is built with Symfony2 (PHP Framework) as a web-based system using PHP and MySQL as database backend with support for PostgreSQL as well.

PartKeepr is packed with dozens of asset management tools within a modular tabbed and boxed user-interface that is easy to use and manage.

It offers multiple project management with multiple-locations, asset types, unit managements.

Photo by Tiger Lily from Pexels

It also supports assets tracking with its advanced asset tracking system.

PartKeepr is a good option for small and medium-sized companies especially because it does not require extensive setup or high-end hardware specifications to run.

Despite its rich features-list, It does not have QR-code creations and license management.

Mobile version

The user-interface is not mobile friendly therefore PartKeepr offer a custom-designed mobile version which you can test here.

PartKeepr mobile version (src. PartKeepr Mobile)


  • Clear easy-to-use interface
  • Tabbed view
  • Self-hosted (Linux servers)
  • Easy-to-install and configure
  • For small/ medium/ large size companies
  • Powerful search functionality.
  • Tracking tool
  • Project management
  • Store location management (support multiple locations)
  • Fast full-text search
  • Parametric search
  • Import/ Export CSV
  • Stock tracking
  • Custom usability functions
  • Distributors manager
  • Manufacturers manager
  • File attachment support
  • Custom fields support
  • Multiple users with advanced groups and permissions manager
  • Multiple-view support (List, Thumbnail view)
  • Mobile support
  • Virtual machine installation support with VirtualBox
  • Units manager
  • Reporting
  • System-wide notification support
  • Multiple theme support
  • Stock and inventory history manager
  • Statistics manager
  • Project attachment support (files, images)
  • Webcam photo support

Units manager


  1. Linux
  2. PHP5.6 or PHP7+ (recommended)
  3. MySQL/ PostgreSQL
  4. Apache2 or Nginx
  5. PHP Composer


PartKeepr is released under GPLv3.0.


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