Passwords is a native free, open-source Password Manager for your iPhone

Passwords is a lightweight,  free, open-source password manager app for iOS users, which is comes with iOS-specific features like Face ID authentication and more.

The app source code is available on GitHub which anyone can download and build for his phone. However, it is not available on the App store yet, but that may change in the near future.


  • Easy to add passwords and login private data
  • Edit and modify your entries
  • Face ID authentication (Require new iOS and iPhone with Face ID support).
  • Does not send any data over the internet.
  • Unlimited entries.
  • Credentials will be grouped in the Application list view by the Application name you set here.
  • Toggle the Secure Entry switch to show/mask password text.
  • Mask and unmask passwords
  • Credentials stored in this app are persisted against your Apple keychain.

Tech stack

Passwords app is written using Swift programming language.


This codebase is made publically available for educational purposes only. Passwords (the compiled application) has not been adequately tested for commercial or production use. No implied warrenty or contract. Use at your own risk.


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