Payload: an Open-source Headless CMS Framework for Enterprise

Payload: an Open-source Headless CMS Framework for Enterprise

While Headless CMS solutions are trending, it is not easy to pick the right one for enterprise work. That's not the case with Payload Headless CMS as it is built for enterprise users.

Payload CMS comes with a full support for REST API and GraphQL. It also supports local file storage with a straightforward upload API.

With Payload CMS, developers can set custom post types, custom fields, manage the content history, drafts, and revision with ease, and use the block-based layout editor for building eye-catching rich pages.

Payload CMS is built on top of Express.js, MongoDB, and React framework.


  • Completely free and open-source
  • GraphQL, REST, and Local APIs
  • Easily customizable ReactJS Admin
  • Fully self-hosted
  • Extensible Authentication
  • Local file storage & upload
  • Version History and Drafts
  • Field-based Localization
  • Block-based Layout Builder
  • Extensible SlateJS rich text editor
  • Array field type
  • Field conditional logic
  • Extremely granular Access Control
  • Document and field-level hooks for every action Payload provides
  • Built with Typescript & very Typescript-friendly
  • Intensely fast API
  • Highly secure thanks to HTTP-only cookies, CSRF protection, and more

The next context is a quote from Payload repo:

Payload is a CMS that has been designed for developers from the ground up to deliver them what they need to build great digital products. If you know JavaScript, you know Payload. It's a code-first CMS, which allows us to do a lot of things right:

  • Payload gives you everything you need, but then steps back and lets you build what you want in JavaScript or TypeScript - with no unnecessary complexity brought by GUIs. You'll understand how your CMS works because you will have written it exactly how you want it.
  • Bring your own Express server and do whatever you require on top of Payload. Payload doesn't impose anything on you or your app.
  • Completely control the Admin panel by using your own React components. Swap out fields or even entire views with ease.
  • Use your data however and wherever you require thanks to auto-generated, yet fully extensible REST, GraphQL, and Local Node APIs.


Payload is an open-source that is released under the MIT License.


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