Personal Management System: A personal CRM and daily routine for busy minds

Personal Management System (PMS) is an open-source web-based solution for all people who want to keep tracking of their daily activities in one place.

This project is built by Dariusz Włodarczyk; an open-source software developer from Poland.

The developer created an extensive organizer software that allows users to take control of their daily routine, work, manage their contact, files, and more.

Personal Management System

Here are some examples of what this project helps you to do:

  1. Organize daily routine
  2. Organize all the work on a simple to-do list to file organizers.
  3. Stay in control of your schedules contacts
  4. Manage documentation and personal notes
  5. Manage your images, videos, and files
  6. Get rid of the physicals documents and sticky note
  7. Manage personal data
  8. Track your goals

Personal Management System Features

  1. Easy to use
  2. Responsive dashboard
  3. Compatible with all modern browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave)
  4. Reports and graphs
  5. Informative dashboard blocks
  6. Tasks management with goals management support
  7. Notes
  8. Contact management
  9. Passwords manager
  10. Schedules
  11. Achievements tracker
  12. Issues management
  13. Payments and billing
  14. Shopping list manager
  15. Images, documents, and videos manager
  16. Docker install support

Technical notes

The project is built on Symfony and Typescript and uses MySQL as a database store.

Production mode

Production mode means that you will use the app as an end product.

  • Php7.4.x,
  • MySQL (eventually MariaDB),

Development mode

Development mode means lets you make changes in the code that is being implemented.

  • Php7.4.x,
  • MySQL (eventually MariaDB),
  • Composer,
  • Npm
  • NodeJS (10.22.1)

You can install the project using Docker or Docker-compose easily with few steps.


It recommended running it in Linux and their distribution like Ubuntu 18.x and Ubuntu 20.x, but It's fine to run it on Windows.


PMS is distributed and released under the MIT license which allows commercial use, modification, distribution, and private use. However, it comes without a warranty, liability and copyright notice are a must.


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