Free Pharmacy Management Program with Open-source Flavor

Free Pharmacy Management Program with Open-source Flavor

Pharmacy Manager is a free open source drugstore manager built for Windows and macOS. It features a simple easy-to-use interface, powerful reporting tools, invoicing, monthly statistics and advanced item tracking.

Pharmacy manager software is a custom inventory/ warehouse management package designed to run drugstores. We have covered many free open source inventory packages which can be used to manage pharmacies.

Unlike many pharmacy management packages that are integrated with HIS (Hospital Information Systems or EHR (electronic Health Records), this software can run independatly as a parallel supporting app to help pharmacy managers.

Open-source Pharmacy management tools are not easy to come by, as many pharmacies tend to use ERP solutions, with custom modules to manage their stock, invoices, sales and reporting.

Pharmacy Manager offers a complete solution to fulfill the most common requirements to manage pharmacies or drugstores. It's an ideal solution for small clinics and pharmacies because it's medical-aware; it supports active ingredients, medical names and trade names.


  • Drugs cataloging
  • Medicine Database
  • Employee management
  • Clients manager
  • Users management
  • Built-in POS (Point-of-Sale)
  • Stock management
  • Stock tracking
  • Quantity update
  • Sale item management
  • Expenses management
  • Reports (sales, daily sales, daily expenses, sales graph, ... )
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Due-payment management
  • Invoicing
  • Currency-aware
  • Device responsive
  • Logging and records manager
  • Partial payment
  • Appointment manager
  • Works offline

Though Pharmacy Manager is missing many features, it can be used along-side the current ERP system used in the pharmacy.


Pharmacy Manager Dashboard

Pharmacy Manager
Pharmacy Manager

Pharmacy Manager; Customers search

Pharmacy Manager Records


  • Windows
  • macOS

Download Pharmacy Manager

The pharmacy manager is available for download for free at

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