Photon Flutter photo sharing

Photon is a cross-platform file-sharing application built using flutter.

Photon Flutter photo sharing
Photo by Rene Böhmer / Unsplash

Photon is a cross-platform file-transfer application built using flutter. It uses http to transfer files between devices.You can transfer files between devices that run Photon.(No Wi-Fi router is required, you can use hotspot)


Cross-platform support
For instance you can transfer files between Android and Windows

  • Transfer multiple files
    You can pick any number of files.
  • Pick files faster
    Most of the apps use file_picker for picking the files. But for android it caches files before retrieving the paths. If the file size is large it will result in considerable amount of delay. So I have tweaked file_picker to avoid caching(android) unless it is required (some files need to be cached). No matter how many files are selected ,paths will be retrieved within no time. (Note:Caching issue is android specific)
  • Smooth UI
    Material You design.
  • Works between the devices connected via mobile-hotspot / between the devices connected to same router (same local area network)
  • Uses cryptographically secure secret code generation for authentication (internally).
    Even though the files are streamed at local area network,files cannot be downloaded/received without using Photon. No external client like browser can get the files using URL, as secret code is associated with url. It will be regenerated for every session.
  • Supports high-speed data transfer
    Photon is capable of transferring files at a very high rate but it depends upon the Wi-Fi bandwidth. (No internet connection required)

Supported platforms

  1. Android
  2. Windows
  3. Linux
  4. macOS


The project is released under the GPL-v3 License.


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