PHP Calendar is a free, open-source self-hosted web calendar. The system is built on it of PHP5.3, and MySQL 4.1. It uses jQuery and jQuery UI.

It helps you to keep track of your events, similar to Google Calendar, however, it lacks many features.

PHP-Calendar features a quick event add, events search, and multi-view for the calendar.

The Calendar settings page helps users to choose the timezone and change the interface language.

One of the cool features we like about PHP Calendar is: you can embed it into any PHP page.

Although the system is quite old, it is a working web calendar app that does the job.


  1. Clean design
  2. Easy to use
  3. Automatic timezone (server)
  4. Timezone modification option
  5. Date picker
  6. Time picker
  7. Repeat event option
  8. Multi-languages support
  9. Built-in search option
  10. Quick access for months and years
  11. Event type: normal, full-day, or to be announced


  1. The design is not responsive
  2. Does not import .ics files
  3. Does not export .ics files
  4. Calendar feeds

We hope to see these features in the near future.


PHP Calendar is released under Apache license (Open-source).