PiNote is not your traditional open-source code editor

PiNote is a simple lightweight open-source code editor for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is a small software package, written using Free Pascal and Lazarus IDE.

PiNote supports multiple languages, macro, syntax highlighting, built-in file encryption and decryption, and more other features.

However, the primary feature that you like is it comes with different interface modes: minimal, basic, and a rich interface.


  1. Performance - PiNote is a single file executable. It does not require installations or configurations. Just even copy it to a folder wherever you want and it's ready to work!
  2. PiNote supports the major programming languages, including the assembler languages ​​of the most popular processors.
  3. Security - PiNote can encrypt your files with a key of your choice. Plus you have full control of the data placed on the clipboard.
  4. Flexibility - PiNote allows you to configure as many as 24 external tools to be launched with simple keyboard shortcuts.
  5. Personalization - PiNote allows you to customize it however you want. Plus, you can choose your style from 58 pre-configured themes!

Supported programming languages

  1. Ada
  2. Adobe ActionScript
  3. Awk
  4. C#
  5. C/C++
  6. CSS
  7. COBOL
  8. D language
  9. F#
  10. Freebasic
  11. Go language
  12. Groovy
  13. Haxe
  14. Haskell
  15. HTML
  16. INI file
  17. Inno setup script
  18. Java
  19. JavaScript
  20. Lua
  21. MATLAB
  22. MSDos batch script
  23. Objectpascal
  24. Perl
  25. PHP
  26. Po
  27. Powershell
  28. PROLOG
  29. Python
  30. R
  31. Ruby
  32. Rust
  33. SQL
  34. Tcl/Tk
  35. TeX
  36. Unix shell script
  37. V
  38. Verilog
  39. VHDL
  40. Visual Basic
  41. XML.

Supported platforms

  1. Windows 64 and 32 bit
  2. Linux 32 and 64 bit
  3. Raspberry Pi
  4. FreeBSD

Download PiNote


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