Piranha CMS is an open-source .Net -based CMS for enterprise

What is Piranha CMS?

Piranha CMS is the friendly editor-focused CMS for .NET6 that can be used both as an integrated CMS or as a headless API.

Piranha is designed for small to medium-sized applications with the rare users in mind. With its decoupled architecture it can be used as both an integrated CMS or as a headless content store for your Apps.

It gets a complete rewrite to its older version, and hundreds of developers, and companies that use it in business.


  1. Full open-source solution, under the MIT license
  2. Headless mode with highly customizable API
  3. Responsive user-interface
  4. Cross-platform system: it runs on Windows, Linux, macOS.
  5. Flexible customizable admin and dashboard
  6. Extension: developer can easily build extensions to extend its functionalities
  7. Developer-friendly API and documentation
  8. Powered by the latest version of Vue.js Framework
  9. Offers a live preview for the content
  10. Image and media handling: Handles and manages the images and file attachments
  12. It comes with a rich content editor
  13. Strong user- and developer-friendly extension manager
  14. It has dozens of extensions and modules

Tech Stack

Piranha is currently built for .NET 6 and uses in its simplest form the following awesome packages:


Piranha CMS is released and licensed under the MIT License.


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