Build A Backend For Your Apps in Mins with The Low-code Pocketbase

Build A Backend For Your Apps in Mins with The Low-code Pocketbase

Pocketbase is a free low-code open-source solution that offers developers a fast way to build backend systems for their apps.

It is written in the Go programming language and works extremely fast. Also, it does not take much to setup on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Pocketbase comes in a compact size ~15mb, but carries a great value as it allows developers to create database collections with complete API and SDK support for Dart and JavaScript.

Furthermore, Pocketbase also supports real-time operations, within the SDK and with a web API.

With Pocketbase you can easily start prototyping your flutter projects, using its Dart/ Flutter package.

The admin dashboard allows you an easy access to control everything:

  1. Users
  2. Database collections
  3. Logs
  4. System configurations
  5. Admin users
  6. Auth providers
  7. Token settings
  8. Mail settings
  9. File Storage


  1. Lightweight
  2. Unlimited Collection
  3. Collection relations
  4. Authentication
  5. Auth provider
  6. Files and Docs uploads with Amazon S3 support and local file storage
  7. Easy permission management
  8. Multiple admins
  9. Import/ Export
  10. Simple Mail Setup
  11. SDK JavaScript/ Dart
  12. Real-time support with Web API and SDKs.
  13. Web API
  14. Use as a framework for serious developers

Supported platforms

  1. Windows
  2. Linux
  3. macOS

Setup options

You can download the app binary for your platform and run it directly, or you can install it using Docker and DockerCompose.

Missing pieces

  1. The community is still small
  2. Export DB Schemas is not an option


Pocketbase is released under the MIT license


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Hazem Abbas

Written by Hazem Abbas

Medical Doctor by trade, but also a software developer. Linux Avid user. I write primary; open-source medical apps, dev tools and libraries I use, and off-topic like horse riding.
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