Pomatez: a Pomodoro Productivity Timer App with more to offer

Pomatez: a Pomodoro Productivity Timer App
with more to offer
Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

Pomatez is an open-source Pomodoro timer application aimed for simplicity and productivity.  It features a customizable breaks, session count, notification and to-do (tasks) lists.

Furthermore, Pomatez runs on Windows, Linux and macOS. So, if you use different or multiple operating systems in your work or home, Pomatez is an outstanding choice.

The application is designed to help you stay productive, focused and take your breaks with an organized manner.

Unlike other Pomodoro timers,  it features a highly customizable options for work sessions, breaks, timers, special breaks and more.

Pomatez is originally developed by Roldan Montilla Jr, a software engineer and UI / UX Enthusiast, who has done an astonishing work with Pomatez.

The app is receiving a continuous update from the developer, who is planning a series of new features in the next upgrade, so, stay tuned.


  1. Pomodoro customizable timer
  2. Customizable rules
  3. To-do and tasks lists management
  4. Task cards
  5. Tasks list priority
  6. Session rounds
  7. Animated progress indicator
  8. On-top mode
  9. Dark mode support
  10. Time extender
  11. Strict mode
  12. Full-screen breaks
  13. Custom breaks
  14. Automatic update
  15. Tasks database
  16. Tray icon support: close the application to the tray
  17. Tray icon progress indicator
  18. Notification
  19. Shortcuts
  20. Voice assistance


  1. macOS: DMG package and Homebrew (cask) installer support
  2. Windows: Supports Windows 7,8 and 10.
  3. Linux: Debian and Ubuntu Linux packages, RPM package for Fedora and Red Hat Linux, and AppImage package. Snap package is also available at Snap Store,

Final thought

Pomatez is a neat app for busy people who want a simple yet customizable features.  It is available for Windows, Linux and Windows with full desktop integration options like notification.

We highly recommend it as we have been using for months in our daily work.