Pomosh: Native Pomodoro Assistant App for macOS (Free app)

🍅Pomosh is your next awesome Pomodoro Technique assistant on macOS. Lives right in your menubar. It's native and lightweight. Uses SwiftUI. has a nice tomato icon and also ready for 📱iOS and ⌚️ WatchOS 🙌 For download proceed with App Store link🔥


  • Timer: Helps you to follow Pomodoro Technique practices. It shows remaining working/break time with remaining cycles in your session. You can start/pause with clicking. The first click on the timer creates a session. You can think session = your typical working day. The timer automatically continues between work/break cycles. You cannot skip a period. But, yes, you can pause the timer.

  • Skip Button: You can skip current round if you failed your task.

  • Reload Button: You can restart your round instead of skipping it if you failed your task.

  • Settings: Pomosh is flexible. You can easily change the working & break duration. Also, you can set total cycles in a session, which depends on your workload and rhythm.

  • Menubar Countdown: There is no need to click the app every time to check the remaining time. It shows working & break time. The flame icon means it's working time. Coffee cup with a clock says it's break time. Just enjoy your time. If countdown makes you worry a lot, remember that you can disable the menu bar timer at any time. 😌

  • Notifications: Pomosh shows notifications when working time & break time ends. Do notifications annoy you? Just turn them off settings pane.

  • Sound effects: A chime effect indicates time is up. You can turn off it off course.

  • Global hotkeys: You can easily pause/start the timer with Control + Cmd + P

  • Written with Swift & SwiftUI


macOS (Intel and Apple Silicon) null


MIT license


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