Primo is a low-code website generator and designer

Primo is a free easy-to-use low-code website editor, creator, and publisher.

Unlike its competitors, It does not require extensive setup or configuration.

Primo uses Svelte under the hood, which proven to be reliable as for real-world and enterprise projects.

Primo is an all-in-one static site builder, combining a:

  • Content Mangement System
  • Development Environment
  • Static Site Generator
  • Component Library


  1. Multi-platform desktop app: Windows, Linux, and macOS
  2. Zero-config
  3. Boilerplate-free
  4. WYSIWYG and in-line editing mode
  5. Code-free development mode
  6. One click static-site generator
  7. Publish to any platform
  8. Rich components library
  9. Beautiful components
  10. Comes with a built-in internationalization support.
  11. Host anywhere
  12. Real-time development server
  13. Host with Primo server to collaborate with your friend and team