ProjectOpen: Open-source Enterprise Project Management (Tour and Setup)

ProjectOpen: Open-source Enterprise Project Management (Tour and Setup)

]project-open[ Setup

There are many choices, a Windows installer, a Bare Metal installers (for RHEL/CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu), and a VMware Virtual Machine (which runs CentOS 7 Linux). The VMware Virtual Machine choise is the easiest and the most hassle-free option. There is also a SaaS service, which is a paid service if you don't want to setup the system in your machines. There is also an online demo if you want to try it first.

If you choose the VMware Virtual Machine choice, you need to download VMware Player to run the system. After starting the system which is CentOS 7, you will have to login with:

Username: projop
Password: projop

Then click on the ]project-open[ icon at the desktop. A browser should open. You can login as with:

Email:  [email protected]
Password: system

Then you will be greeted by a System Configuration Wizard.

1- Business Domain selection

The first screen of the System Configuration Wizard will ask you about your Business Domain.

2- Company or Department

The second screen will ask you if you are using the system for a specific department in your company, or using the system for the whole organization.

3- Simplified or Complete Install

The third screen asks if you want to install the whole set of packages, or the minimum amount of packages.

4- Organization Size

Then you will be asked about the size of your organization.

5- Name, and Email

Then you can enter the name, and email of your organization.

6- Logo, and URL

Then you can insert your organization's Logo and URL.

7- Trust Model

Then you can modify the Trust Model for security.

8- Confirmation

Then you are asked to confirm your configuration to start the Configuration Process. After that, you can change login credentials from the settings dashboard. You can start the System Configuration Wizard again anytime the need arises to do so.