Share files with your client using ProjectSend

ProjectSend is an open-source self-host file sharing platform for companies, teams and communities.

It is an ideal solution if you want to share files with your clients. Let's say you are a designer who shares dozens of files with his clients every day, with ProjectSend you can do this effortlessly and without a hassle.

ProjectSend is built for:

  1. Design agencies
  2. Software design companies
  3. Freelance designers
  4. Non Profits
  5. Photographers

ProjectSend is built on top of PHP7.1 and uses MySQL 5.0 as a database backend. Therefore, you can install it with Apache or Nginx.

Using ProjectSend helps you to store and share your files securely either with individuals or a group. It offers a rich client and group management tools, multi-user accounts with advanced permission support, statistics and reporting.

It features an easy-to-use responsive interface, items search,  multiple-file uploads, file categories, email notifications, email notification templates, and custom branding.

Furthermore, ProjectSend comes with a template manager which helps you choose between file, photo and media templates.

Engage with your clients

With a full email integration, ProjectSend also features email templates manager which enhance the communication between you and your clients.

ProjectSend supports multiple languages which you notice on login, you can select your language from the dropdown menu. It is a useful feature when your client speaks or demand another language.

Social login is yet another useful feature which eases the workflow and the client engagement. Your clients are not required to create accounts as they can use their social media login to preview files you share with them in your ProjectSend setup.

Other ProjectSend features

  1. Responsive user-interface
  2. detailed logs
  3. activity monitor
  4. notification
  5. auto-expiration


ProjectSend is released and distributed under GNU General Public License version 2.



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