PyPhone is a Python-based GUI VoIP calling app that enables free internet calling. It is fully open-sourced and uses ngrok for port forwarding, making it possible to call from anywhere in the world. With some minor changes, it can also be used as an off-grid calling service within a LAN. PyPhone's GUI is built using PyQt5.

In future releases, PyPhone is expected to have the following features:

  1. Ability to make multi-user calls
  2. Contact directory for easy access to frequently called numbers
  3. Advanced hold feature that allows users to put calls on hold and attend to other tasks

To use PyPhone, you need to create an account on ngrok's website as PyPhone does not come with ngrok. You can download ngrok from their website.

PyPhone utilizes the following modules:

  1. Requests
  2. Pyaudio
  3. Mysql-connector-python
  4. PyQt5
  5. Playsound
  6. JSON

With these modules, PyPhone is able to deliver a seamless calling experience to its users.


⚠️ Disclaimer: PyPhone is still in its early phase and is in no way near to a stable release. Also, there is no guarantee of its stablity and is susceptible to crashes. PyPhone still requires proper Error Handling methods and is currently not intended to be used as a stable application.


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Python Based Open Source VoIP GUI Calling App
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