Best 14 Free QR Code Generator Open-source Apps and Services

Best 14 Free QR Code Generator Open-source Apps and Services

What is a QR Code Generator?

A QR code generator is a tool or service that allows you to create Quick Response (QR) codes. QR codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode that can store information such as URLs, contact information, or text. They can be scanned by devices like smartphones to quickly access the stored information without having to type it in manually.

Use cases of QR Code!

The use-cases for QR code generators are vast and varied. They're frequently used in marketing and advertising to direct potential customers to a website, product page, or online promotion. Restaurants use QR codes to provide digital menus to their customers.

In the realm of events and ticketing, QR codes can be used to store tickets digitally for easy check-in. They can also be used in education to provide quick access to educational resources or in healthcare to give fast access to patient records. With the continuous rise of digital technology, the applications of QR codes are only expanding.

Here are some examples on how to use QR Codes:

  • Events: QR codes can be used for digital event tickets, making check-in processes smoother and more efficient.
  • Line Management: They can help in managing queues by providing virtual queue numbers or services.
  • Queue Management: Similar to line management, QR codes can be used to manage queues in places like restaurants or service centers.
  • Shopping: QR codes can lead customers directly to a product's online page or provide additional information about a product.
  • Services: Service providers can use QR codes to offer easy access to their online platforms or to provide more detailed information about their services.
  • Tech Support: QR codes can be used to direct users to online tech support or troubleshooting guides.
  • Payment: QR codes have been widely adopted for contactless payment solutions, making transactions quick and hassle-free.
  • Depo Management: QR codes can be used in depot management to track inventory and streamline the distribution process.
  • Cafes/Restaurants: QR codes can be used by cafes and restaurants to present digital menus, facilitate online ordering, or provide nutritional information.
  • Marketing: QR codes are essential in marketing campaigns to provide quick access to promotional content or to track the success of a campaign.

Open-source Free QR-Code Generator Apps

1. SlowQR

SlowQR is a QR code reader, scanner, and generator that allows scanning of QR codes from images, including those with distortion and perspective. It features editable scan grids, manual image preprocessing, and QR code creation/editing. It also offers optional experimental offscreen hardware acceleration.

However, due to missing hardware-accelerated drawing support, automatic recognition may be slow.

The app is totally free and open-source (GPL-v3). It supports Windows for now, starting from Windows XP.


QrCode Generator is a simple Windows program by HorizonPublish that allows users to create and save their own QrCodes for free. It may trigger an unknown application error on Windows, which can be bypassed by clicking 'More info' then 'Run anyway'.

3. QRTxt

QRTxt is a user-friendly QR code generator app for Linux systems that provides useful feedback to prevent crashes when a user enters more characters than a QR code supports. It allows users to generate and save QR codes to a PNG file.

4. QR Gen

QRGen is a Java-based QR code generator that creates codes from contact information. It requires the qrencode tool and is multi-platform compatible. It allows users to save QR codes as PNG files and export the data as a standard visit card (.vcf).

The app works seamlessly on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

5. QRMAN. Url Shortener and QR Codes Generator

QRMAN is an open-source URL shortener and QR code generator that allows users to create, manage, and track QR codes. It offers features such as generating 10 types of QR codes, creating short URLs for each QR code, and producing both tracking and non-tracking codes.

Other features for QRMAN includes:

  • Generates Tracking Code and Non Tracking Code.
  • Create, Edit and Delete QR codes.
  • Url Redirection for Urls and Bookmarks – similar to shorturl services.
  • Excellent statistics: click reports, referrers tracking, visitors geo-location, platform and browsers.
  • Clean Ajax interface.
  • API for QR Code Generation, Store QR Codes and Fetch statistics.
  • API output in JSON, JSONP and XML.
  • Supports Cross Domain Ajax Request.
  • Inbuilt Installer for easy Installation .
  • User Management feature for Admin.
  • Registration, Password reset feature for users.
  • Included detailed documentation

6. Mini QR Code Generator

This is a self-hosted open-source app that enables you to generate customizable QR code and beautiful and unique QR codes. The app is completely open-source (GPLv3.0) and it can be easily hosted on Vercel.

You can start using the app here.

Its features include:

  • Generate QR codes with custom colors and styles
  • Support for various output formats, including SVG and PNG
  • Copy to clipboard
  • UI respects user's light/dark mode preferences
  • Randomize style button
  • Available in 29 languages thanks to deepl-translate-github-action
  • Save & Load QR Code config
  • Upload custom image for logo
  • Presets: Pre-crafted QR code styles are available as immediate usage/ reference. Refer to samples above!

7. QR Scanner and Generator

A QR code scanner/generator is a multi-platform, ad-free tool available for Linux, Android, and Windows, offering a visually appealing interface with no advertisements.

8. QR Code Generator

This is a simple JavaScript app that you can self-hosted or use it at your local machine to generate QR Code in no time.

9. Decoder

Decoder is a free and open-source Linux tool for scanning and generating QR codes. It can scan codes using a camera or from a screenshot and displays the content of the QR code when possible.

Free QR-Code Generator Web Services

In this section, we offer you the best free web services that enables you to generate QR code.

1. QRCode Chimp

This exceptional service enables you to generate unique, customizable QR codes and design them. It can include information like a website, vCard, or address. Furthermore, it allows you to create an attractive colored version of your card, ready for printing.

2. Free QR Code Creator

This is a versatile service that allows you to convert text, URLs, emails, SMS, images, and vCards into QR codes. You can then download these codes in various formats. Additionally, you can embed the generated QR code into any webpage.


With QRFY,you can generate more than just simple QR Code, as you can add PDF, images, Video links, Coupons, Landing page URL, Business local info and more.

You can also customize the appearance of your generated QR Code, change the frame, shape, add a central local or adjust the level.

4. GoQR

Yet another fast service to generate QR Code in almost no time. But it lacks the customization and options for other services.

5. QRStuff

This service is ideal for freelancers, developers, and marketers. It not only generates a QR code but also offers high-level customization and allows for downloading in high resolution, suitable for printing on shop t-shirts.

It can also be used to add Wi-Fi logins, UPI payments, PayPal payment addresses, Zoom meeting links, and Bitcoin addresses.

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