Qri is an Open-source Dataset Manager and Ogranizer

Qri CLI is a dataset version control system built on the distributed web

Qri is an Open-source Dataset Manager and Ogranizer
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Qri CLI is a global and content-addressed tool that helps organize, version, automate, and share datasets. It provides meaningful search results, tracks changes, and syncs datasets. It also offers versioning for easy comparison and exploration of dataset history.


  • Global and content-addressed platform
  • Automatic network check for duplicate data
  • Exclusive focus on datasets for meaningful search results
  • Traceable trail of changes linked to specific peers
  • Automatic dataset description using a flexible schema
  • Effortless conversion of network datasets into a JSON API
  • Diligent tracking and synchronization of changes
  • Efficient organization, versioning, automation, and sharing of datasets
  • Meticulous versioning for easy comparison between different versions
  • Complete commit history to observe dataset evolution over time
  • Code editor and CI-style automation for up-to-date and well-organized datasets


  • GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

Resources & Download

Download Qri CLI for free. Organize, version, automate, and share datasets. Because qri is global and content-addressed, adding data to qri also checks the entire network to see if someone has added it before. Since qri is focused solely on datasets, it can provide meaningful search results.
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